Dear U3A Worpress editors
As you know, the standard Wordpress editor for posts and pages is very basic. It provides some facilities to format text but positioning images for example can be very tricky.
The next major release of Wordpress will include a new editor called Gutenberg that will be much easier to use. It works on similar principles to the Mailpoet and Mailchimp editors, allowing the user to add sections by means of blocks of content which makes designing the layout easier.
Gutenberg is currently available as a pre-release in Wordpress. When I looked today I saw that it has been installed on our system, which I may have done recently unintentionally . I have had a look at Gutenberg and it seems to be consistent with the old editor and the new features are quite intuitive.
Furthermore, I notice that Gutenberg has already been used to edit some posts so rather than removing it, I propose that we keep it in place unless we have any problems.
If anyone has any difficulties, please contact us on the webmaster address.
Peter Bayliss

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