The Moraira-Teulada U3A is governed, administered and represented by a representative body referred to as the Executive Committee.

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Your Executive Committee

David Haxon
Vice President
Prue Jackson
Graham Whitelocks





Christine Crossfield





Membership Secretary
Pat Clarke





Travel Group Treasurer
Carol Mantle





Groups Coordinator
Lynn Clark






Other Committee Members

Deputy Treasurer





Janice Wilson

Deputy Secretary





Sue Popkin

Social Events Organiser





Tony Old

Press Liaison Officer





John Hopwood

Speakers Liaison Officer





Eileen Haxon

Discounts Liaison Officer





Jayne Wintle

Jayne Wintle

Membership/Committee Liaison Officer (non-voting)





Dorothy Garrett (Dot)


Non-Committee Positions

Website Administrator

Piotr Azia

Website Administrator

Peter Bayliss

Peter Bayliss

Care Coordinator

Rona Hurst

Cultural Arts Organisers

Hugh & Beverly Stewart


General Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month (except August) at the Salón GL, Avenida Mediterráneo 32, Teulada. For more information about General Meetings and our Statutes, click here

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