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Welcome to issue number 109 of the Newsletter July 2018

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Copy date for August 2018 Newsletter:
Friday 27th July 2018

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Next U3A General Meeting

The next General Meeting will be held on
Monday 2nd July 2018

At the Salons G.L. Avenida del Mediterraneo 32. Teulada. at 10.30 am.

Doors open to members at 9.30 am

The speaker for July is Philip Ashley.

Philip is well known in the area for his musical connections and experience.

His talk, which will include him singing a couple of songs, is " When Words Fail, Music Speaks".


Presidents Message

By David Haxon

This month the Haxon diary has been full and eventful.
June is a very busy month in Moraira. First of all we enjoyed the annual Music Festival. Once again it was extremely well supported and presented a wonderful variety of talent. Although I should refrain from being biased, but the favourite in my opinion was “Duo Intermezzo”. I thought they were outstanding.Well done to all the organisers for arranging a wonderful evening.
Then, of course, one of the highlights of the year is the Moors and Christians. The several thousand people attending were treated to a most spectacular evening. My thanks and appreciation extends to all who participated in this annual event.
Last Wednesday we held a Quiz in aid of the charity “Make a Smile “ at rhe Inn on the Green. I am pleased to report that we raised over 650 Euros for the charity. Well done to all of you who supported the evening.
The next General meeting in July is the last before the break. Wherever you are have a wonderful summer. Looking forward to seeing you all in September.

Your Letters

By Newsletter Editor

Please send your views and observations by the copy date as shown above.

Volunteers Wanted
Hi Dot.
We are Amigos de Benitachell Charity shop, situated on the main road into Benitachell from Moraira. Coming up the hill to the traffic lights we are the first shop in the parade of shops at the top of the hill on the left.
We are a multi charity shop supporting local charities. Every year we make a donation to the Red Cross, this year, to help with the purchase of a new Moraira/ Teulada ambulance.
Also this year we have made donations to MABS and Help to assist with running costs for the hospice rooms both in IMed and Fontilles.
Our opening hours are Monday to Friday from 10am to 1 pm.
This could of course increase if our volunteer numbers increase.
Many of our volunteer staff are not here all the time as they come and go between Spain and England, therefore, any help, even if only on a temporary basis is useful.
If anyone would be interested in helping us, they can call into the shop and leave details at the desk or of course email me through the U3A newsletter.
Many thanks. Carole Thorn. President & U3A member.
dining out

U3A Dining Out Group

Important Information

You need to register your membership again

John and Meri Snell have recently taken over the Dining Out Group from David and Eileen Haxon, who have run this very popular group for many years. We would like to say a big thank you to them both for all their hard work. Many thanks also go to Bob and Kay Cope who have also been dining hosts for several years and have decided to take a break from hosting. These are big boots to fill but we will do our best!
The other hosts for the new season, which starts in September, will be Brian & Pat Clarke, Peter & Pauline Griffiths and Colin & Sue Donadio.
A new Dining Out Group email address which is linked to the U3A website has been set up; messages which are sent to the whole group will be from this email address: group-diningout@u3amoraira-teulada.org You can also access this address at the foot of the Dining Out Group page on the U3A website: www.u3amoraira-teulada.org/dining-out/
We think that it is worthwhile setting up a completely new Dining Out group membership list. If you are currently a member of the Dining Out Group, or wish to join the group, please email your name/s, U3A membership number/s and email address to:
The advantage for you and us is that your details will be held more securely, and the group leaders will no longer need to have your contact details on their personal devices.
There is a lot of information about the Dining Out Group on the Groups page on the website, including reviews of previous group dinners at many local restaurants. Take a look!
Dates for your diary
The next Dining Out meals will be held at Maxim Restaurant, Moraira on Tuesdays 4th and 11th September, hosted by John and Meri Snell. Brian and Pat Clarke are hosting the October events at Satari's restaurant on the 2nd and 16th for a Greek themed evening. Full details of menus and how to book will be sent out to all group members a few weeks before each event.
Please register if you would like to be part of the group

Image for tickets, etc.

Hog Roast at Font Santa - 18th September 2018

By Peter Griffiths
As part of our celebrations for our 10th anniversary year, your Social subcommittee is organising a fun packed afternoon for you at Font Santa on Tuesday, 18th September 2018. The event will start at 12:00 noon.
To get you started, there will be a bottle of cava to share between two persons. A hog roast will already be under way and will be served at 12:30, together with crackling, salad and condiments. Please feel free to bring your own nibbles, postres and other drinks.
Musical entertainment will be provided by Take 2 and Moonshine until 4:00 p.m.
Entrance and food will be by ticket only and all it will cost you is €12,50 per person. Tickets are selling fast and the remainder will be on sale, subject to availability, at the General Meetings on 2nd July and 3rd September. The event is only open to members of U3A Moraira-Teulada, so please bring your membership cards when purchasing your tickets.
As the food will be prepared on site, please do not bring your dogs.
There will be plenty of tables and seats, but please bring your own with sun shades if you wish.
Please remember to bring your tickets with you on the day.
If you have any queries, please ask at the ticket desk at the U3A General meeting or contact Peter Griffiths.

Lucinda visit writing group

Creative Writing Group

Visit by Local Author

By Dot Garrett

The U3A Creative writing group were very pleased to welcome Lucinda E. Clarke, award winning & bestselling author, to a recent group meeting.
Lucinda is the pen name of one of our own U3A members and she kindly came along to help advise us regarding publishing and marketing.
The group are currently working on a book of short stories to celebrate our U3A 10 year Anniversary.
Over that time we calculated that over 2,000 short stories had been written by members and we wanted to share some of them with the readers amongst us.
We now have a collection over 40 stories and poems that are nearly ready to be published and we hope to launch the book in November to our adoring public! Watch this space!!
We all gave our thanks to Lucinda for sharing her considerable knowledge that certainly has helped us on our path to self publishing and we wish her every success with her career that has so far seen her publish 9 books!
Check out her website for more info www.lucindaeclarkeauthor.com

Geoffrey twins

Twin Brothers Reunion at U3A General meeting

The 82 years old Twins share a rare morning together at our June U3A General meeting and are presented by our President, David Haxon, with a flavour of Spain to share.
After a 10,500 mile Journey to Spain, Peter is reunited with our long standing member Geoffrey Shean.
Peter and Geoffrey where born in Gainsborough Lincolnshire in 1935.
In 1940 they attended the local Secondary Modern School, both leaving at the age of 15.
Peter began work as an apprentice printer.
Geoffrey became an apprentice until the age of twenty-one as an draughtsman.
The first eighteen years they lived with their parents only to be broken up by National service. Peter at 18 and Geoffrey at 21. By the time Peter completed his National Service it was time for Geoffrey to begin his.
During the time Geoffrey was away in the army Peter got married and moved away to Bradford.
On returning to civvy street Geoffrey, now 24 years old decided that Gainsborough was too small for him and he packed his bags into an old Austin car and drove the 156 miles to start a new life in London.
Peter soon had two young children. While he was very happily married he wanted more for his family, so he chose to start a new life in Australia. His request was granted so in the summer of 1964 at the cost of ten pounds each the four moved 10,500 miles to the other side of the world.
For the next 40 years there was not a lot of contact. They both lived a different life style. Certainly, the odd Christmas card and Birthday cards but very little was known of each other’s day to day lives. They lost real contact.
Geoffrey never married. He lived in many different homes in and around London. He worked in many varied jobs including banking and retail, finally owning his own carpet retailing shop in Uxbridge and living in Chalfont St Giles close by.
While running his carpet shop he received a letter from his brother to say that as result of ill health he had taken early retirement and was planning a long overdue trip to the uk.
This was a very emotional meeting after so many years apart with so much to catch up on. They had many stories and photographs to share. After only a few weeks together, they said goodbye and promised to keep more in touch in the future.
The internet was spreading so it was possible to keep in touch. Geoffrey was very lucky and was taking the opportunity to travel more as he had his own business. So, he travelled to Australia to meet Peter and family. This was the first of three trips to Australia.
This was twenty three years ago, Since then Geoffrey made a decision also to retire early. His choice for retirement was Moraira
He has been very happy in Moraira for over twenty years and enjoys the life and like his brother both are long time members of the U3A.
Although Geoffrey’s general health has slowed him down and he has not travelled very far out of Spain since his arrival. As he says there is so much to be seen here in beautiful Spain.
They both know but do not talk of it, that with regard to their ages and health, this could be their last time to be together.
leaders healthy walking

Healthy Walking Group Report for June

By Noelene Cummins
29th & 31st May Javea—Golf Club, Ladoga to Las Laderas
This is a pleasant varied walk along tracks through woods, past horses, miniature ponies and poultry and along narrow tarmac roads. 36 walkers took part and two dogs. It was hot and most people enjoyed a coffee afterwards at the Bar in Benitaxell. Only 20 turned out for Thursday’s walk. This could have been a result of the Anniversary Dinner at Canor the previous evening or is it getting hotter!
31st May. Healthy Walking End of Season Dinner at Sataris restaurant
43 walkers and partners attended this dinner. There is no seating plan so people have to sit with walkers they may not have met. Judging by the ‘thank you’ messages, all enjoyed the food and company. One comment was that there was too much food!
Group Leader Brian threatened to make his speech last an hour but it was brief! He thanked walkers for turning up in such large numbers throughout the year. Out of 68 walks only 2 were cancelled due to the weather and the largest number at one walk was 70 and the smallest 18. It is time-consuming organising the schedules, mainly done by Robert, fitting in Leaders for walks, most of whom are not resident and checking the routes before the walks. He said it was very rewarding to the Team that it was supported so well. They were always looking for new walks and Brian asked if anyone knew of suitable walks to let the Team know. Creating new walks takes a lot of time with much to consider. Parking, severity of hills, time taken, avoiding main roads, finding a circular route etc.
Brian told diners that David Reynolds had produced a book of beautiful photographs of people, places and things seen on walks over the last 5 years which was on a table away from food and drink! He encouraged walkers to look at it between courses.
This year is the 9th Anniversary of the Group started by Rona and Geoff Hurst and it is interesting to look back through the books to see that a good number of the original walkers are still taking part. Many of the walks are adapted from those of Javea Walking Groups and Brian said he was pleased to see Karen and Clive, who had researched so many of the routes, at the dinner and to see Clive looking so well after his illness.
5th &7th June - Teulada – Camis behind Font Santa. Sandie Gower
The walk on the Tuesday was well attended by a total of 29 walkers including 2 new members. It started with quite an uphill climb past a house with at least 20 plus hunting dogs, some sheep and goats, very noisy. The views from the top of the hill looking down towards Moraira were stunning, and the sea was lovely and clear on this bright and sunny morning. We paused to take some photos of hares playing in one of the fields below.
This challenge was taken on by 21 walkers on this Thursday morning. The weather was once again bright and sunny and temperature ideal for walking. Two walkers turned up late and failed to catch up the main group who had set off a very good pace. These two walks on this week were led by Dave Renolds and on completion many of the walkers descended on the Pan Pan restaurant for in Moraira for a well-deserved refreshment.
12th &14th June – Javea – Cansaladas Las Laderas and Woods
27 walkers and 2 dogs turned up for the walk on this bright and sunny morning. The temperature at the start of the walk made it ideal for walking but as the walk neared its end it was quite hot. The warm sunshine had brought out some of the wildlife and we came across 3 snakes basking in the sunshine, needless to say we gave them a wide berth. The bougainvillea with its vibrant colours was stunning in some of the gardens that we passed. Having completed the task, refreshments were required and the majority of the walking group travelled to Benitachell café located behind the church.
The temperature had risen considerably for the last walk before the summer season break, 29 walkers turned up for this morning’s adventure in the sunshine.
We took a slight detour on the return and found ourselves clinging to a metal fence along a very narrow path to save us falling into the blackberry bushes below. A property owner had decided to fence off the existing path.
A lovely friendly dog decided to join us for the last part of the walk and followed us back down to the car park, we were all worried about leaving her so near to the main road. Christine and Sandie volunteered to take her back to the top of the hill in the hope she would find her way home. Many good-byes were said at the end of the walk and a number of walkers headed for the café in Benitachell..
The Leaders look forward to seeing everyone in September.
Brian, Noelene, Robert, Frieda, Heather, Sandie, David, Betty & Dave.
golf group

U3A Golf Group.

12th June Poniente

By Robin Woods

On the 12th June 2018 U3A Golf Moraira-Teulada played one of their regular games on the shorter course, Poniente, part of Villaitana Golf at Benidorm. Our group has played this course many times but as always the par 62 is very challenging, particularly for those with lower handicaps. The condition was fair, showing some loss of condition maybe due to the amount of people that play in the Spring. As usual the bunkers were short of sand and there were several boggy areas as a result of leaking sprinklers. Come on Villaitana you promised a superb course and it’s not there yet. It will be interesting to see what happens with the long course, Levante, as the European Seniors are playing there soon. Some of us will be going to watch the “older guys” as they reflect more accurately what’s possible.
The day was sunny, much warmer than of late and fairly light winds. Our format for the day was the ever popular team event, best 3 scores from 4 to count, all net of handicap. Our team played well, particularly the two ladies (Elke and Tricia). We had a slight problem when our buggy refused to go forward, only sorted out by reversing back over the bridge. I blame the stress of that manoeuvre on me messing up on this hole, any excuse will do! All in all it was a lovely day enjoyed by all.
There was a reminder given about our “special Christmas” game at Levante on the 10th December. The format for the day will be 3 x 6 holes, medal/team Stableford/Texas Scramble. New members will be able to play provided their subs are up to date.
The Team Scores were:
1st with a score of 127 points – Tricia Groves/Elke Woods/Bob Cope/Robin Woods
2nd with a score of 117 points – Cornelius van Breda/Michelle Bijleveld/Brian Russell/Jerry Arnold
3rd with a score of 113 points – Betty Reynolds/Dave Reynolds/Pat Jarvis/Ian Munro
Nearest the Pins winners were Ray Nation and Pat Jarvis
Congratulations to all the winners.

Our next game (the last one before our summer break) will be at Villaitana Levante on the 28th June first tee 10.00. There is currently a waiting list for this game
The format will be Individual Stableford.

To play for the society you first need to be a member of the U3A Moraira/Teulada which meets on the first Monday of every month at the Salóns G.L, Avenida del Mediterráneo 32, Teulada at 10:30 a.m., except August. All new members welcome whatever your standard of golf.


By Eileen Haxon.
Fifteen members of Moraira/Teulada U3A attended a First Aid Course last week at Sol Park, Moraira. The course was organised by Buster Smith who is the Managing Director for EFR Training in the U.K., Spain and Europe. EFR is an abbreviation for Emergency First Response Training.
This basic life support course deals with heart related life threatening emergencies in adults, children and infants. The group received instruction of CPR ( Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), AED use (Automated External Defibrillator ) and choking.
The course taught the critical basics and was very interesting, fun and hands on. Following the theoretical information the group were then able to re-enact the principles involved.
This 4 hour course was invaluable and made the U3A members more at ease if encountering an emergency situation.
Following the course, everyone will receive a First Aid Certificate which is valid for 2 years and a full colour manual. The group thanked Buster for an excellent presentation and valued instruction.

Recipes July - Fish on the BBQ or just grilled!

By Dot Garrett

So easy to cook and nice and light for summer.
Swordfish with Summer Salad

500 gm swordfish steak, skinned and cut into 1-in. chunks
Tin of sweetcorn
2 courgettes, sliced
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
2 tsp. chili powder
1 jar chickpeas, drained.
1 tbsp fresh mint, chopped
3 tbsp. lime juice
Thread swordfish steak onto 8 soaked bamboo skewers.
Brush fish and courgettes with oil; sprinkle with chili powder and salt. Grill the fish and courgettes for 6 minutes or until fish is opaque, turning once.
In a bowl put, chickpeas, sweetcorn, mint, lime juice & salt and combine.
Add grilled courgettes.
Serve with the fish skewers.

Prawn bruschetta skewers

200g large prawns ( about 16)
ciabatta, focaccia or a baguette loaf, cut into cubes
1 tbsp olive oil
1 garlic clove, finely sliced
1 lemon
handful fresh parsley chopped
8 bamboo skewers
On each skewer, thread the tail of the prawn, then a cube of bread, then the top of the prawn so the prawn loops the bread.
If the prawns aren’t big enough, just alternate prawns and bread, so each skewer has 2 of each. Drizzle with olive oil and scatter with garlic.
Cook until the bread is toasted.
While still on the barbecue, squeeze over the lemon. Then remove, season, drizzle with a bit more oil and scatter with parsley.
Arrange on a plate and serve with fresh salad and aioli.



Fiestas / Bank Holidays for July 2018

Monday 16th July is a local Bank Holiday in Moraira & Teulada, town hall, banks and businesses will be closed.

Moraira local fiestas -

6th - 22nd July. "Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados" y "Virgen del Carmen"
29th June to 4th July - Fiestas of Font Santa
23rd to 29th - "San Jaume" - Fiestas of Benimarco
26th - 1st August - Fiestas of "Els Sants de la Pedra" Teulada.

Moraira Fiestas 6th - 22nd July 2018

At time of producing this newsletter the programme for our local fiestas is not yet available.
As soon as they are available you can collect them from the Tourist Information Office.
I will put on our closed Facebook page asap. Please join U3A Moraira Teulada on facebook.
Moraira Fiestas are to honour the patron saint of Moraira "La Virgén de los Desamparados" (The Virgin of the Helpless) and "La Virgén Carmen", protector of the fishermen.
The festival is on July 15th and July 16th every year.
The fiesta in fact wends its way over 10 days of celebrations. Men and women wearing colourful traditional costumes parade through the streets, there are brass bands, open- dances, and bull running in the marina.
The main event is on the 16th July when the statue of the Virgin is carried from the Moraira church, around the town, and eventually out to sea to bless the fishermen whom she protects. Most of the local boats and yachts follow her out to sea.
Both Fiesta days have magnificent firework displays.
And to finish off proceedings suitably, a giant paella is served.
Bella Luna

Lions Free Concert Sunday 8th July

Bella Luna
The TM Lions once again present a fabulous free concert on the seafront in Moraira.
8th July 2018 8.00pm
This will be a free concert, but donations are gratefully accepted.
Do come along and join in the fun. There will be a bar run by the local Moors and Christians committee.
If anyone would like to help the Lions with fundraising at our concerts (putting chairs out/bucket rattling etc.) they will be most welcome and much appreciated.
For information about the TM Lions email: peter_john1@hotmail.com or go to www.tmlions.com


Register at the SIT Teulada and Moraira.
FPA (Formación Permanente del Ayuntamiento / municipal permanent education) Teulada informs that registration for the new language courses and the matriculation for secondary school graduation are now open.
The new classes offered for the term 2018/2019 are the following.
Basic Spanish for foreign nationals will be taught in two groups: at the Espai La Senieta Moraira Monday and Wednesday 9:30am to 10:30am and at 45, C/ Colónon Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30am to 10:30am.
Intermediate Spanish for foreign nationals Monday and Wednesday from 11:30am to 12:30pm.
Basic French Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30pm to 8:30pm and intermediate French Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 9:30pm.
The last three will all be taught at the Espai La Senieta Moraira.

The FPA also offers basic Valencià B1-B2 Wednesday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, intermediate Valencià C1 Monday from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, advanced Valencià C2 Tuesday from 6:30 to 7:30pm and Valencià for foreign nationals Saturday from 10:30am to 12pm. All courses will be taught at 45, C/ Colón.

All courses cost 150€ plus 25€ registration fee and everybody interested can now register at the SIT at the Town Hall Teulada or the Espai La Senieta Moraira.
Matriculation for secondary school graduation is open from June 1 to September 14 and the cost is 80€ plus 25€ registration fee.


Don’t Forget!
Following a very busy June, CONTRABAND will be back at SAXO, Moraira on Thursday 5th July, from 18.00 till 20.00
We hope you can join us for another great evening of entertainment.
Supporting local charities
moraira healthy


This is the sixth edition of this campaign including sports and leisure activities on the municipal beaches.
Teulada Moraira´s offer “Healthy Teulada Moraira” is on again. The municipality organises the campaign with the goal to offer healthy activities on the municipal beaches, increase the offer for the summer guests and maintain a permanent activity on the beach.
Activities are as follows: Tai-Chi, Pilates, swimming, water gym. All activities, except swimming which starts on July 2, start on June 25 from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 9am and from 9am to 10am.
All activities are free of charge and will take place all summer long until September 15.
The councilor, Mario Font, said that the municipality decided to continue offering activities for yet another year because of the great response during the last couple of years and the importance to have activities on the beaches which take place regularly for citizens as well as for visitors.
JULY 18 Quiz Poster