190128 Art Talk 28th Jan 2019: Political Art


Date: Monday 28th January 2019 10:30

Location: Salón de Actos, Espai la Senieta, Moraira (next to the large free car park)

Subject: Political Art

Lecturer: Rosalind Miranda


It is possible to confuse political art with propaganda but there is a difference between the two. Propaganda is usually associated with the propagating of a doctrine or a practice. It is often used by both Democratic and Dictatorial rulers using simplistic and often deceptive visual imagery to encourage people to participate in actions, the outcomes of which they may know very little.

In one sense Propaganda can be described as pro-active and political art as re-active. Although Propaganda is certainly one facet of Political Art, that is not what this talk is about.

Throughout history artists such as Goya in the 19th century, and Otto Dix, Picasso and George Grotz in the 20th century, have used their art, sometimes at great personal risk, to create satirical or even bitterly critical, political statements which reflect their own present or past times.

Their work has passed down to us highly creative, historical references of the age in in which they lived, and endures as a perceptive and personal visual record of the failings of Mankind. 

Brian’s note: Some of you may have seen the recent documentary ‘For No Good Reason’ about the life and work of Ralph Steadman who appeared in the film with Johnny Depp. Steadman’s work is a classic example of a talented artist using his impressive drawing skills to make modern political statements. If there is sufficient interest I could show the film in the Autumn.