160926 History Talk 26th Sep: The Lecture With No Name

Date: Monday 26th September 2016 10:30

Location: Salón de Actos, Espai la Senieta, Moraira (next to the large free car park)

Subject: The Lecture With No Name

Lecturer:  Brian Nicholls

If you can connect sardines, trout, a transvestite, three numbers from a popular series of films, an ingredient in a popular English country pie, several countries in Europe, an underwater connection, a large dose of amateur theatricals, and some very dubious ‘goings on’ that eventually involved the voluntary assistance of the Mafia, you will arrive at a critical time in British History and a slice of creative, and invaluable, trickery.

This, as they say, is their story!

All will be made clear by Cheda on the Thursday prior to the lecture by Brian Nicholls at 10.30 in la Senieta on Monday 29th February 2016