Member Communications

We use e-mail as the preferred method of communicating with all our members. During the COVID pandemic, General Meetings are not possible and it is the sole means of contact with all members.
If you are a member but are not receiving our emails contact Pat Clarke, Membership Secretary, by email:

Monthly Newsletter.

The Newsletter Editor, Sharon Taylor, compiles the newsletter each month and sends it by default to all members. A few hard copies of the Monthly Newsletter are normally available at the General Meetings for members who do not have access to a computer.
If you would like to contribute information for inclusion in the newsletter, please contact the Newsletter editor by email:
You can opt out of all Monthly Newsletters via the You can unsubscribe from Travel or Monthly newsletters link at the bottom of each email.


These are sent to all members. Members can only opt out of these AND ALL other messages by unsubscribing from all communications. In this case, please also inform so that your record can be updated.

Archive of past newsletters


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