Mosaics Display

At the November 2018 general meeting we put on our third and best display.

There were 41 pieces in the display which showed a huge variety of subjects and styles. We had examples of the very first mosaics made, when often the producer can hardly believe she has made such a wonderful creation.  There were 7 seahorses, which are the second mosaic to be made, increasing the skills of the artist, and again it was fascinating to see the variety all coming from the same pattern. Other mosaics included ‘the girl with the pearl earring ‘, ‘the lighthouse ‘, ‘beach huts’, ‘the lemon tree’ and a very heavy mushroom.

You may think that placing the tesserae on the base is ‘the job done’, but no. The last job, after months of creating a mosaic, is to choose the colour of the grout. The members of the groups have chosen well, as demonstrated by the dramatic black of the Elvis sign, the subtle blue of the dragonfly and the soft terracotta for the brown seahorse.  The wrong colour grout can spoil a creation,yet the right colour really brings it alive.  We often have long discussions and trials before making such an important decision.

You may ask, “how long does it take to make a mosaic?”  Hours and hours, but hours of so much pleasure.

We hope you enjoyed our display.

Meri Snell