Healthy Walking Group report for October 2019

Tuesday 1st October Aldi to camis and tracks between Moraira and Benitachell

At 9am this fine morning the car park at Aldi was full, an encouraging site for the walk leaders.
Thirty five members and Barney the dog arrived for today’s walk which took the group from the Aldi / Mercadona roundabout, uphill and through the countryside to the outskirts of Benitachell. In some areas of the walk low mist was present which resulted in restricted views. However, there were views of the countryside throughout the duration of the walk which was successfully completed within the hour.
It was decided to visit the bar /café known as Different for the end of walk refreshments.
The bar/café was conveniently located adjacent to the walkers’ cars.

Thursday 3rd October As Above

There was a very good turnout for a Thursday walk, thirty three plus one dog arrived to take up the challenge of today’s walk. The weather was a few degrees cooler than that which we experienced on the Tuesday; also the views were very much clearer. Towards the end the group was stretched out for approximately one hundred meters but all still managed to complete the walk without incident and within the time frame of one hour and ten minutes.
The bar /café Different was found to be reasonable and therefore used once again for those requiring refreshments at the end of today’s walk.
Sandie & Dave

Tuesday 8th October Javea…….Cemetery to Benimadrocs

With two new members and one guest the total number of walkers for this day was thirty four. Although parking instructions were perfectly adequate a few members decided to ignore the written word and park at the Crematorium and not the Cemetery. Don
volunteered and rode his motorbike up to collect the waifs and strays. An update was given prior to the walk on both Gill and Dave following their recent injuries, both are comfortable and recovering well. The weather was fine and clear which resulted in splendid views of the Montgo, Benimadrocs countryside and the mountains. A reasonable flat terrain with a large percentage of tarmac roads allowed the walkers to see many aspects of the route without having to concentrate on uneven surfaces. Completion was achieved within a good time, at a good pace and very much together.
Those requiring refreshments made their way to El Paso on the Ferrobox roundabout.

Thursday 10th October As above

Within the group of thirty one walkers and one dog (Teddy) there were two new members plus two visitors, all were made welcome. This week’s walkers were reminded of the 10 o’clock start which will commence next week and continue into next year. It was observed from the start that some of those who walked on Tuesday were determined to improve on the one hour eight minutes, and they did. Today’s group of walkers managed to keep very much together and completed the task in one hour and seven minutes, well done although it is not a race!.
Another perfect day for walking, viewing, taking photographs and socialising. There were no incidents or injuries to report on this walk and everybody returned safely.
Those who went to El Paso for refreshments on Tuesday reported that it was extremely busy at this time of day and an alternative was suggested for the future.
Sandie & Dave

15th & 17th October Llíber – Zoo Betty Reynolds

22 people walked on Tuesday. It started quite cool and windy but we soon warmed up keeping a good pace on the flat and slowing down up the rocky path by the zoo. Unfortunately one lady felt a bit faint after the exertion but Robert and Dave came and fetched the car. Terry Dix who was the back marker radioed me at the front so we were able to stop and sort it out. Many of us stopped for coffee in the square.

Thursday we had 35 people and it started off much warmer without the wind. We had no incidents this time and Terry very kindly back marked for me. Nearly everyone stopped for coffee and we filled the whole square!

On several of the walks there have been complaints about a person with a dog on a very long lead which tended to trip walkers.
We remind walkers that dogs MUST be on a short lead at the back of the Group.

Tuesday 22nd October Jesus Pobre—Around the Windmills

After torrential rain on Monday it was decided it would be unwise to do this walk. A note was sent to all those on the Healthy Walking mailing list informing them of this and a slight change of route to the parking area in Jesus Pobre. As it turns out it was the correct decision as the rain was torrential on Tuesday morning.

Thursday 24th October As above

This was a glorious morning with crystal clear visibility. 26 walkers and 3 dogs turned up to enjoy a lovely walk. All managed the slight change in route to the car park. When alterations are eventually completed Jesus Pobre will look very smart.
At first walkers were strung out but it was explained that two dogs needed ‘comfort breaks’! After that was over all kept well together. The off-road part was very muddy but all had sensible walking shoes on. The dog owners were spoken to about long leads and staying at the back. As one owner stated, if we are not sensible we may not be allowed to take dogs on the walks. Unfortunately the owner of Bar Rosita would not allow the dogs in the bar when we arrived for coffee.
Brian & Noelene