Healthy Walking Group Privacy Policy

GDPR Privacy Policy

Dear Healthy Walkers,
In view of the new privacy rules coming into effect on the 25th of May we like to inform you on our privacy policy.
From the healthy walkers who subscribed to our U3A group we maintain a members list with U3A number, name, email and tel numbers (if supplied). Also we maintain a mailing list containing only your email addres.
All the members details are for the exclusive use of healthy walking communications to advise and notify the members on walk and walking details.  From a security point, we also prefer contact details in case of injuries or accident.
Under no circumtances are members details shared or communicated to other persons or organizations.
Members who do not wish to be on our database can notify the leaders to be taken off the list.  However,  in this case they will need to get walk details from the U3A website.
Members who notify the administrator to be taken of the list receive an email confirming the unsubcription.
Kind regards,
Healthy walkers leader