Don’t dispose of wet wipes in toilets asks Benitachell

From the Benitachell Town Council:

The Town Council calls for the collaboration that in recent months there have been numerous jams in the municipal wastewater network of el poble nou de benitatxell because of the accumulation of large quantities of wet wipes. This creates a serious problem in the wastewater and treatment systems of the municipality, in addition to environmental damage. The Wipes must be considered solid waste and can therefore not be flushed to the toilet (toilet or bath) as if it were toilet paper.

The accumulation of wet towels affects various areas of the sanitation system, particularly in sewage pipes, pumping stations or network points where sewage sewage is pumped into the treatment plant for treatment. Technical problems are mainly aggravated by heavy rains, where accumulated remains form blocks in sewers and sewage treatment stations, with harmful consequences for the citizens, who suffer flooding in their homes, and for the whole of the municipality. The poor management of wet wipes and similar tissues generates an annual cost in the sanitation system that we pay.

For this reason, we ask that you do not use the toilet as a container that swallows all the waste. It makes sense because, even if you don’t see it, residues like wet wipes don’t disappear and finally end up in our rivers and beaches.
Use the trash. Don’t feed the monster that attacks the sewers.
Thank you for your collaboration.
#ProtecciónCivilBenitatxell #ElPobleNouDeBenitatxell