Dining Out – Sept 2021

Dining Out group starts again (at last!).

On Tuesdays 7th and 21st September the Dining Out group held its first events since March 2020; it was very good to be able to get together after such a long break. The group met at Restaurant Maxim in Moraira and the 78 diners were treated to excellent meals. The restaurant has a reputation for beautifully presented, tasty, flavoursome food with good service, and Maxim and his staff did us proud, even though on both occasions the restaurant was full. We feel their reputation is fully justified!

On Sept 7th we ate outside in the fresh air, but under cover, which was just as well because an extremely short but unwelcome spatter of rain drops accompanied our main course. (Just a few more drops of dirty rain to spoil cleaned cars and terraces). However, much heavier rain appeared for our second event, with thunderstorms threatening, and consequently we found ourselves eating inside. The rain’s saving grace was that this time it was clean rain, so those who had put off cleaning their terraces  had it done for them naturally.

The accompanying pictures show some of the dishes that we had, along with some of the happy crowd who enjoyed them.

October’s events will be held at Restaurante Asiático Sabores II which is a newly refurbished restaurant on the Moraira Calpe road.