Ukulele Group

With a membership of over 1,900 surely we must have a Ukulele player amongst us?

There are now literally hundreds of Ukulele groups in the UK and it is one of the most rapidly increasing popular pastimes for folk who enjoy music, enjoy meeting and making new friends and enjoy learning a new and quite simple hobby.

Sue and I recently attended the Eskulele group in Eskdale in North Yorkshire and what an evening of good fun it was!

Thirty-eight totally amateur players all enjoying an evening together whilst playing and singing along to a very wide selection of tunes, almost all of which brought back memories of times gone by!

Ukuleles only cost approximately €30,50 for a perfectly good instrument so it isn’t an expensive hobby.

By courtesy of the leader of the Eskdale Eskulele group I now have over 100 tunes all with simple chords which are the result of many hours of preparation – so the really hard work has been done!
I would love to hear from any of our members who can play the Ukulele – even an early learner – who would be willing to help me to form a new group within our U3A.

Please contact John Hopwood