Walking Group Report – Feb 2019

Tuesday 29th  Thursday 31st January    Les Fonts walk 1

42 and 38 walkers arrived at the start at the Car park in Les Fonts. These walks were led by David & Betty. It was a pleasant walk in good walking weather. The flowers are beginning to come out and the views were good. Coffee was at the Bar at Benitachell opposite the Church.

Tuesday 5th  Thursday 7th February  Benissa to Senija walk

On Tuesday the weather was glorious with warm sun and cloudless blue skies. The walk took us across country under the motorway via a tunnel and up to Senija through the blossom fields and vineyards. 41 walkers took part and many stayed for coffee at the Pedrera Bar on Benissa Industrial estate. There is a terrace where we can congregate and dogs are welcome. The weather for the walk on Thursday was not so pleasant but photographers took advantage of the beautiful blossom and the wonderful murals on the houses in Senija (Banksy, eat your heart out!) 29 walkers took part and 3 dogs.

Tuesday 12th  Thursday 14th February   Parcent Northern loop (Blossom Walk)

30 eager walkers and 2 dogs arrived at Tramonte Restaurant car park in Parcent.  Christo had given us permission to park there for 4 walks as there are so many of us and many of the spare bits of land have been chained off to cars. (Someone suggested it may be to deter motor homes or gypsies). It is one of the more difficult walks with many sharp steep hills but mainly on tarmac. The views were extensive and the wall that surrounded the Leper Colony at Fontilles was clear stretching up the hillside. The smell of pine and almond blossom was lovely. Towards the end of the walk before the steep hill to the church is the wash house which has been restored to the original. One has to imagine the women doing all the wahing, and the men tending the allotments close by and then heaving wet washing and vegetables uphill to their homes.

Tramonte is closed on Tuesday so many retired to Castellvie for a drink in the sun. On Thursday there were 19 walkers. It takes 40 minutes to get from Moraira to Parcent and some do not want to drive that far. For those that did, it was another lovely walk and most stayed for coffee at Tramonte restaurant.

Tuesday19th,Thursday 21st February  Parcent, Southern loop, (Blossom Walk)

This walk is slightly longer than the usual walks but has many interesting features apart from the blossom at this time of the year. 27 & 31 walkers arrived at Restaurante Tramonte where once again Christo allowed us to use the car park. The walk is almost level, much to the relief of some of the walkers who did the Blossom Walk last week! However there are some very rough stony parts and a narrow part through undergrowth. Between the trees are lovely views of Parcent, Col de Rates etc made better by the background of cloudless blue sky and warm sunshine. There are countless miniature daffodils and the occasional tiny orchid and lots of evidence of wild boar rooting around for grubs. Seeing the mess they make one can understand the havoc they cause to cricket and football pitches in the Forest of Dean!  There is a herd of goats penned up with lots of cute little ones. We understand the owner comes along and lets them graze among the oranges in the afternoon. Well out of the way along a gravel track is a little cupboard, tiled and decorated with paintings selling handmade soap and hand cream from Olive oil. There is an honesty jar. As it is a long way from ‘civilisation’ one wonders how much they sell! Towards the end of the walk with Parcent in sight is an elaborate watering place for animals. Although no water runs now it has troughs at various heights to suit all animals. Most walkers stayed for coffee and virtually filled the tables outside the restaurant.