Murcia City

& Caravaca de la Cruz

Monday 24th to 27th September 2018


Led by Carol Mantle & Norman Peterken


This trip will allow our members the rare opportunity to explore the old town of Murcia.  We will arrive in Murcia at about 10:30 am and there will be time for sightseeing before booking into our Hotel at about 5 pm.  There will be a day trip to Caravaca de la Cruz.  On the final day it will be your choice to go shopping or remaining in the Murcia City where the coach will collect you before returning to Moraira.



Murcia is an interesting City.  Plaza Cardenal Belluga is the city’s architectural showpiece, where the ornate cathedral, with its mash-up of styles from Gothic to baroque, and the colourful 18th-century Palacio Episcopal stand in striking contrast to the modern 1990s Ayuntamiento (city hall) annex by architect Rafael Moneo.






You can visit Museo Salzillo.  Salizillo was a great Murcian sculptor of the late eighteenth century, and the Museo Salzillo has helped to preserve his legacy and recreate his studio since 1960. Salzillo’s fame went beyond Spain: with the success of his Sacred Exhibition in 1877, he became an international sensation. From 1999 to 2002, the museum was extensively remodeled and expanded.




On wondering round you could come across Puente de los Peligros (bridge of the hazards) or also known as the Puente Viejo (old bridge).  It is an arched stone bridge, completed in 1742, that spans the River Segura n the city of Murcia.  This is the oldest bridge of the city. The popular name of Puente de los Peligros is due to the presence on the south side of the bridge of a niche that keeps a wooden statue of Our Lady of the Hazards, work of Franciso Sanchez Araciel.



At approximately 5 pm we will check in to our Hotel where the evening meal is included, after which there will be time for another wonder around the city.


Day 2 After breakfast we have an excursion to the exquisite town of Caravaca de la Cruz.  It is located in the northwest of the Murcia province. In the houses that extend around the castle there are beautiful examples of the Murcian Renaissance. The area where Caravaca is located was already inhabited by the Argaric, Iberian, and Roman cultures, but the origins of its urban structure must be sought in its Moorish past.





Caravaca de la Cruz is a town located on the border of Murcia and Granada. The town was developed around its Castle, built in the 15th century and commissioned by the Knights Templar.  Caravaca  is considered to be one of the five holy cities in the world, and a key destination for pilgrims and travellers alike who are looking for an inspiring, different and above all enjoyable place to go.  Caravava has some of the best religious architecture in the whole Region of Murcia.




After our visit to Caravaca de la Cruz we will return to our hotel for the evening meal.



Day 3  After breakfast you will have the option of staying in Murcia until 3:30 pm or going Shopping.  Shoppers will have the option of spending half the day in the Shopping Centre and half the day in Ikea or the whole day in the Shopping Centre or the whole day in Ikea.







The cost per person will be about €160

depending on the number of people taking part.

Single room supplement: €95.

To secure a place, please pay a deposit of 60 euros per person

at the Travel Desk at the next general meeting.