– Oceanografic –

Wednesday 21st February 2018

Leaders:  Lynn Clark & Carol Mantle


Valencia is a fascinating city with many things to see and do but on this Trip we have decided to visit the Oceanografic.  We will spend the morning looking at the fascinating sea creatures and wonderful birds in a landscaped environment.  You will visit Antarctica, Arctic, Indian Ocean and other tropical seascapes.  All these creatures are displayed as naturally as possible.  On some days there are dolphin or sea lion or penguin displays in the amphitheater.  You will find notice boards which will inform you of the times of these displays.  There are two restaurant and various other eating places.  Price includes entrance to the Oceanografic.










At 1:30 pm you can leave the Aquarium and go into Valencia for a wander and lunch.  You can of course stay in the Oceanografic all day if you choose and the bus will pick up from there.



Cost €30 per person…