Sagunto & St. Joseph’s

Caves in Vall d’Uixo

– day 

Thursday 10th May 2018



Led by: Sue Popkin & Carol Mantle

The cost of this trip will include: the coach to and from Moraira, tourist train in Sagunto guided tour of castle and amphitheatre,  and a boat trip through the caves


Sagunto fortifications
Sagunto fortifications

sagunto map

The site of Sagunto has been inhabited for at least 3000 years, and the earliest Iberian settlers started the fortification process in the 5th century BC. The Romans greatly extended the site and added the castle and amphitheatre. Coins were minted here for the flourishing trade with the Greeks & Phoenicians

Roman teatro
Roman teatro



Since then, the Visigoths, the Moors and the Christians have all left their mark. The castle on the top of the hill and the Roman Amphitheatre were constructed in the first century AD. The castle walls measure approximately one kilometre in length.



On arrival we will take a train ride nearly to the top of the hill to the castle (walking to castle is optional)  For those who walk to the top our Guide will give us a tour of the castle.   The Guide will walk down to the amphitheater and other remains and give a full explanation. You will see how the Castle and the Roman Amphitheater were constructed in the first century AD. The castle walls measure approximately one kilometer in length.


Roman Amphitheatre before restoration



The theatre has recently been subject to a controversial restoration, which hides a lot of the original Roman stonework, but makes it more suitable as a venue for concerts and plays. We will have a guided tour of the castle, amphitheater and other remains.



Inside Roman Museum



Following the tour, you will have time to have lunch in one of the many Spanish Restaurant in the middle of the village.




Caves of Sant Josep in Vall d’Uixo

After lunch, we will head approximately 12 miles north to the Caves of Sant Josep in Vall d’Uixo. The caves are explored by boat along an underground river.



The underground river flows through the Sant Josep Caves, which enables you to enjoy an amazing natural phenomenon. It is a magnificent example of a hydrologically active cave, where remains of Palaeolithic sites and cave paintings have been found.




The tour lasts approximately 40 minutes, with a boat trip of nearly one and a half miles and a walk through a dry gallery. The temperature is a constant 20 degrees throughout the year.




Within the grounds there is a small hermitage. There are also some modern shops, bars and entertainment facilities.


Cost: €30 per person