Day Trip Valencia Zoo

Bioparc in the Centre of Valencia City

Tuesday 10th October 2017

Led by Sue Popkin & Carol Mantle






The Valencia Bioparc is split into three main sections. There are no cages in the Bioparc. Barriers are created naturally using rocks, rivers and bridges.



African Savannah: This is where you will find the herbivores such as zebras, impalas, marabou storks, giraffes and white rhinoceroses. You will also be able to go underground and see anteaters’ dens and termite nests. This is also the area where you will be able to see lions, mongooses and elephants.



Equatorial Africa: This is the largest section with the greatest amount of ecosystems and habitats. There is a large section for African birds. This is also where you will find the monkeys and gorillas. Take a look at the leopards and chimpanzees in the forest area surrounding the mud lake.



Madagascar: This is the place to head if you want to meet some lemurs. These are the animals that you will be able to get closest to as they are free to run around in the area where you will be walking.




Lunch is not included, however, throughout the Bioparc you will find various places to eat such as the Samburu Restaurant that offers a 3-course meal or there is a snack bar in the Ndoki area which offers sandwiches or an Adult Menu offering hamburgers, chicken wings etc.

You are not allowed to take food into the Bioparc because feeding the animals is strictly prohibited.


So join us for a fantastic day out where you can really get up close to the animals and enjoy what has been described as the most advanced zoo within Europe.




Cost 35€ per person

cost includes entrance fee and three hour guided tour