Simply The Best U3A by Jean Mudge

Jean in the middle at Las Chicas que Comen April 2014

Simply The Best U3A

I have lived in Moraira and now Benissa Costa for nearly 20 years – leaving Torquay after my husband retired. He took up golf and urged me to join “something” so I became a member of Moraira Ladies Luncheon Club which has been around for over 30 years. The late Pamela Kershaw was the president.(I became treasurer)  At one lunch we had a representative from Calpe U3A give us a talk as we had never heard of U3As! I think I can truly say that talk inspired Pamela! “Why can’t we have one in Moraira?” Most of us remember the first meeting in the Senieta – I for one could not get in the door! – the rest as they say is history!

So what has U3A done for me? I had a lot of lovely friends before – but I have a thousand now! I had many interests before – I have many more now. OK, I struggle with my Spanish, I have done cookery courses – just joined another. The social groups like Golden Oldies, Las Chicas, Solo-Unos and the Travel Group are brilliant!

I sadly lost my soul mate 3 years ago. One thing he said to me  – Always have something to look forward to – So I am soon off to Barcelona again, my 5th trip so far!  It is so good and secure to travel in a group when you are alone. I enjoy my life – it is too precious to waste!

So what can I do for U3A? I try to keep contact with those without computers, and help in other ways. Could I run a group? Who knows? I have other interests apart from U3A. Like many of us have most of the family in UK but I feel I have the U3A/ex-pat family here.

We are very fortunate to have such a thriving activity here in Spain! My thanks to all those super people who make it all possible!

Jean Mudge April 2014

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