Preparatory Notes for U3A Photo Exhibition

Dates: Prep & Hanging – Tuesday 22 April

Public – Wednesday 23 April to Friday 2 May inclusive

The exhibition room is on the first floor of La Senieta, Moraira and will be open during normal operating hours of the building, seven days a week except certain Fiesta Days.

There are 55 A3 size photo frames. Black framed with glass and hanging wires. These can be hung on the walls of the exhibition room. These frames were the ones used for the previous exhibition but the number available has reduced.

There are 8 metal grids, 1.5 metre square with supports. These can be arranged, grouped or individually, on the floor space. Both sides of each grid can be used, if required, for displaying artwork. We will need to discuss how the photos will be mounted on these grids.

There are a number of easels of varying heights available although we have noticed their being used more often now for advertising future events. I have requested two, one for the entrance to the exhibition room and one for a poster on the ground floor.

I am required to confirm actual requirements by 26 March to ensure the items are reserved solely for our use during the period of the exhibition.

Tuesday 22 April will be our preparation and hanging day thus the exhibition will open to the public on the following day.

I will need to know the following details from each member wishing to include pictures for the exhibition:

1. Number and sizes of photos

2. Do the photos have a specific theme

3. If you require the A3 frames (these will be allocated fairly if demand exceeds 55)

4. Will you be available on Tue 22 April to assist with preparation

The deadline for this initial information is Thursday 20 March, our monthly meeting date.

We would like to introduce a bit of variety to the display so please consider a novel way to arrange you chosen pictures or perhaps change dimensions different to the norm (widescreen, panoramic, miniatures etc), coloured card backgrounds. If you would like to discuss any ideas, have a chat with a member of the steering group; Loraine Ashton, Gray Knight, Jan Adams, Ros Bolsover and Karin de Groot Aken

The exhibition room is light and airy with the southern wall at just above waist height thus giving a view of the atrium at the entrance to the theatre. The southern wall of the atrium has high level windows with no method of screening. During sunny days the light is bright and floods the exhibition room. A matt or satin finish to photo prints is recommended.

Please note that the exhibition will not be ‘manned’ during the period it is open to the public. Whilst very unlikely we cannot take responsibility for any damage to or theft of pictures. Please consider this risk, though minimal, when offering to display your pictures.

A ‘visitor’s book’ will be available for those wishing to leave comments on the exhibition.

The following local companies can reproduce your prints at very reasonable prices – often much more cheaply than using home printers. They have agreed to offer discounts for U3A Photo Group members. If you know of other companies/shops offering similar services please share these with the members.

Positive Signs & Designs – this Company was used almost exclusively by exhibitors for our last exhibition.


Tel: 634 358 288 or 699 835 565

Dale/Paul Callow.


Gorila Grafica – recently established Company

Centro Comercial Los Pinos, Moraira

Tel: 965 745 064 or 615 335 112