10 Posts and Pages – when do I use them?

When creating content you have to decide whether to use a post or a page. If in doubt, create a post – we use pages very rarely on this site.

Posts appear in various blocks on the front page, on other pages and lists across our site. A post’s positioning is controlled by the category assigned by its author.

The special case of Group Pages

Rather confusingly, Group Pages are, in fact, Posts. We started with pages, but then we switched to posts, because they provide more flexibility and can be grouped and manipulated in more ways.

Group Pages should be assigned the Group Page category – and only that category. This makes them appear in the front page list and the Groups main page list. Assigning other categories would make them pop up in all sorts of wrong places, including in a list on the page itself, creating a circular reference.

Pages are permanent elements of the site, with content that doesn’t change much. They are not normally shown on the front page, but can only be accessed through menus.