The Photo Exhibition dates have been changed but the following dates are now confirmed with all the various departments at the Ayuntamiento: 

Monday 12 May to Saturday 24 May inclusive

 We will have access to the exhibition room on the two preceding days to prepare and hang the display.

My apologies for the change and I do appreciate that some of you will be disappointed but the new dates will allow us more time to organise and have our photos printed and mounted.

I have details of submissions from 14 members totalling around 90 exhibits.  We have the facilities for up 140/150 exhibits and it would be nice to have the participation of more members.  Currently the group is 51 strong; thus response so far is around one quarter of the membership, although I do appreciate that some members may not be full time residents.  If you haven’t yet thought about it please do consider including a few of your favourite pictures and thus make the exhibition more representative of the group.

At the last exhibition many of us initially thought our pictures unworthy for inclusion but there were an appreciable number of very good comments entered in the Visitor’s Book.

Most members are having their prints done by Positive Signs with an A3 size costing €2.50.  Mounting card, in a range of colours, can be purchased from local Chinese shops.

If you are away during the coming weeks you can send you pictures to me by email and we can have them printed and mounted on your behalf.

Discussions at the last monthly meeting agreed that the exhibition would include the following sections within the overall display;


Monthly challenge

Photos submitted for the ‘EGG’, ‘CLOUDS’, ‘FLAME’ and ‘WATER’ themes


Group Visits

Photos that include groups of members taken during our visits to show the ‘social’ side of our activities.

Perhaps these could inspire you to think of suitable submissions from your albums.


The next monthly meeting is on Thursday 17 April, 1030 hrs at Bar Mediterraneo, Teulada

The ‘Challenge’ theme is: Me?

Mmmm!, that needs a lot of thought – it will be interesting to see members’ ‘take’ on that theme!


We will dedicate the majority of the meeting to showing various mounting and displaying techniques and thus will be useful if you are unsure of how best to present your prints.  Do please bring along any prints you have and would like advice or help in mounting.  Any ideas you have would be also help other members.  As previously mentioned, it would be nice to introduce a bit of variety with the exhibits – there are already some good ideas bouncing about that will make the exhibition ‘that little bit different’.  Again, any thoughts you have would be useful, doesn’t matter how quirky – let’s see if we can make it work!


I look forward to seeing as many as possible at the meeting and in the meantime if you want any details of printers etc please send me an email.

And..if you haven’t already done so, please do add your name to the exhibitor list!

Best wishes

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