New Group Ideas???

Possible New Groups

As you know I am always looking for new groups.

We have been approached by a Flamenco dance teacher who would like to form a group. Could you let me know if this would be of interest. I have collected a few names at the monthly meeting and once I know the interest I will contact the teacher again. Email

The following groups have been suggested and I am happy to get them started if I get enough interest. Please email me to put your name down and for which possible new group.

Healthy Cycling – This will be a gentle cycle with like minded people. I think the best way forward would be to arrange a gentle route and meet-up, perhaps somewhere like Pan y Pan and see how many people and what you want. Email me to go on the list.

Ballroom Dancing/ Salsa/Jive and Modern Dance
As there are already classes for Ballroom Dancing in Moraira I would

like to suggest the following. I have found a teacher who would suggest early afternoon at Sol Park on a Thursday for 90 minutes. He is happy to run a free taster session Mid October with American Jive, Salsa and Modern Line Dancing then the group will evolve with one two or three of these dances. Please email me if you want to attend this initial session.

Gardening – We have had three very successful groups in the past but unfortunately the group leaders have had to either return to the UK or spend more time away from Spain. Would anyone like to lead this group and I will help you get it re-started.


Shirley Baehr – Group Co-cordinator

Do you want more social groups like Dining out, Ladies and Mens Lunch etc or more hands on groups like Mosaics and art, or other card games etc. Perhaps regular coffee and cake, or dining at home, how to get the most from your smart phones or tablets. I still have a request for teaching how to get the most from Social networking like facebook and twitter if anyone would be willing to host a short term group.

Please come forward if you feel you can run a group or have any new ideas, I will help you in any way I can.

Shirley Baehr