Minutes of the Monthly Meeting – 3rd July 2017

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on 3rd July 2017

at the Salon G.L., Teulada at 10:30


It is confirmed that the President and Secretary attended this General Meeting as voted in at the Meeting on 6th March 2017

John Hopwood firstly apologised to all attending the meeting for not bringing the micro-phone to the meeting and asked everyone to fill the chairs at the front, in order for all to hear the reports and so those speaking will not have to shout so much. John H welcomed everybody to the meeting and asked for all mobile phones to be switched off. He confirmed the security checks had been done noting there was no sound system available and reminded everybody of the emergency procedure in the event of evacuation of the building.

David Haxon read the synopsis of the minutes of the Meeting held on 5th June 2017. The full minutes had been posted on the website and were proposed by Frank Lee and seconded by Ray Guise-Smith.

Presidents Address:

John H referred to the content of his recent Newsletters and thanked those who had responded, some in agreement with his comments and others against his views. Either way, it was good know how some members felt. John H also said he hoped his attempt at humour had not offended anyone as this was not his intention. John H asked Group Leaders to send photographs of events to Marg who would send, with suitable wording, to Eric Taylor for the local newspapers. As the Moraira-Teulada U3A now had 1927 members, 19 new members at the meeting, it would be good to see photographs of members enjoying themselves at social events. John H mentioned the Film Group advising that the first film showing in October would be on the Tuesday and not the Monday as usual. All details concerning the Film Group, will be on the website and newsletters.


Treasurer Carin advised the members that as at the 3rd July there was a balance of €19.978,87 with income of €1.580,00 the majority from the sale of 44 tickets for the summer party at El Canor. Expenditure for the month was €7.647,68, this included a payment to El Canor for 234 people at a cost of €28,00 per person, a subsidy of €3,00 per person by the U3A. The full report will be posted on the website.

Travel Carol advised that the day trips to the Bioparc, to Ikea – Murcia and to the Turron and Chocolate factory were still available and all well worth a visit to one if not all. The overnight trips, so far, in 2018 are to Madrid and to Galicia, a flight home is included in this trip. The full details of all trips can be found on the website.

Group Coordinator Prue confirmed there was a new Deputy Group Coordinator, Eileen Ross. Unfortunately she could not be introduced as Eileen was moving house, although she had helped Prue earlier, prior to the start of the meeting. Group Leaders have been urged to supply photographs but at this time of year many Groups have a summer break due to holidays and the heat.

Member/Committee Liaison Members had mentioned difficulty with the website and contacting Group Leaders. Prue has discussed the problem with Piotr Azir, who looks after the website, meetings will be taking place to rectify the matter. For the benefit of new members, John H explained the role of the Members/Committee Liaison officer. It was a way for members to put forward issues about the U3A and the organisers, in a private way. Names would not be mentioned, unless the member wished to be named.

Cultural Arts Events Beverly advised that Friday 7th July, Philip Ashley presents Sounds Familiar with “Music of the Night”. An evening of Music from the West End and Broadway at the Auditorio Municipal in Ondara. Full details of all other events are on the website.

There were no matters arising from the reports and no other business, so the raffle was drawn, the winning ticket 106 was held by Patricia Broadbent. A new member at the meeting and she won a €50 voucher for J.Y.S.K.


The meeting Closed at 10:50

The next meeting will be held on 4th September 2017




Proposed as a true and accurate record of the meeting held on 3rd July 2017



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Secretary of the meeting…………………………….Titch Crossfield

Appendix: Treasurers Report