Minutes of Monthly Meeting 8th January 2018

University of the Third Age Moraira-Teulada

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on 8th January 2018

at the Salon G.L. Teulada at 10:30


It is confirmed that the President and Secretary attended this General Meeting as voted in at the Meeting on 6th March 2017.

John Hopwood welcomed everybody to the Meeting and was pleased to announce that on Thursday there were 38 new members and with the 39 joining at this meeting, a total of 77 new members this year. John H confirmed the Security check had been completed, advised the emergency procedures and asked for mobiles to be switched off.

David Haxon, the Vice President, read out the synopsis of the minutes of the Meeting held on 4th December. The full minutes had been posted on the website and were proposed by Raymond Hodson and seconded by Colin McNae.

Presidents Address

John H wished everybody a very Happy New Year, with hopes that the coming year may bring some happiness and good times. Undoubtedly for many it will, but as an organisation for retired folk, inevitably, there will be those who may not experience a happy year. Some may have to face unexpected health problems or even the sadness of losing a partner. Our U3A tries very hard to be a caring organisation and do have our Support Group run by a wonderful member, Rona Hurst. Rona has a list of willing volunteers to give help when needed. The help could be just to assist with shopping due to temporary incapacity or a non-driver needing a lift to hospital. Rona´s details are on the website. Please contact Rona to talk through a problem even if no actual, physical, assistance is needed. Finally John wished everybody a happy and healthy New Year.


Treasurer:  Carin Derksen advised the members that at the beginning of December there was a balance of € 19.300,26, with income of € 100,00 and expenses of € 10.185,89, on 31st December 2017 the balance was € 9.214,37. The expenses included, € 999,46 to the Town Hall for medical equipment, € 6.507,00 to Canor for the Christmas Dinner Dance, € 775,00 for the Music at the Dance and tips for the waiters. The second report related to the income and expenses up to 8th January 2018 resulting in a total of €11.530,04. The full report will be on the website.

Travel: Carol Mantle thanked all the helpers on the Travel Desk at this meeting. Carol gave brief details of some of the trips – 21st February to Oceanographic in Valencia, Shopping in Elche. A trip to Madrid 17th – 20th April with only four places left, and to Cordoba 14th – 18th May. Full details of all trips can be found on the display boards at the meetings and on the website.

Group Coordinator:  Prue said the Group Leaders had celebrated Christmas very well and are now back to work. The History Group has a talk by John Hopwood ´Woolworths´ and the film Group are showing ´Going in Style´ this evening 8th January. Prue welcomes any ideas for new Groups as well as Members willing to be Group Leaders.

Members/Committee Liaison:  Nothing to report.

Cultural Arts Events:  Hugh Stewart gave brief details of some of the forthcoming events. 9th January the Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir resumes rehearsals at the Bar Mediterraneo, Teulada. New members are always welcome. Live transmission from the Royal Opera House, London 28th February the Ballet ´The Winters Tale´. 8th March Concerts Costa Blanca present piano players, the Naughton Twins at the Auditori, Teulada. Full details of events can be found on the website.

Matters Arising No comments to the reports given

John H thanks Carin, Carol, Prue as well as Beverly and Hugh for the reports and all the time and work they do for the U3A.

Any Other Business

John H asked if Mr and Mrs Neller were still at the meeting, as they had left their membership cards at the renewal desk. They will be kept by Pat Clarke, the Membership Secretary, until claimed. John also advised that unfortunately copies of Newsletters were not available at this meeting but would be at La Senieta later in the month. John then presented Lynn Clark with a voucher for her favourite Restaurant as thanks for the work she had done when Group Coordinator and on the Committee.

David H referred to the section in the Newsletter relating to help for the Social Committee. With so many members the Committee wanted to make more social events available to the members, but the current Committee needed extra helpers. Anyone interested should contact David Haxon, details are on the website.

John H asked Sue McNae to draw the raffle, the winning ticket 154 was held by Lynn Clark who won a € 50 voucher to Ca Pepe.

No other business and no Speaker at this meeting.


The Meeting closed at 11:05


The next meeting will be held on 5th February 2018.

Proposed as a true and accurate record of the meeting held on 8th January 2018




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Secretary of the Meeting ………………………………………Titch Crossfield

Treasurers Report GM 8 January (1) 2018