Minutes of Monthly Meeting 5th February 2018

University of the Third Age Moraira-Teulada

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on 5th February 2018

at the Salon G.L. Teulada at 10:30

It is confirmed that the President and Secretary attended this General Meeting as voted in at the Meeting on 6th March 2017.
John Hopwood welcomed everybody to the meeting, especially the 45 new members. This made a total number of new members in 2018, so far, of 184. John thanked Pat Clarke, The Membership Secretary, for organising the renewal desks and to all her helpers for making the new and renewal procedures so successful. John confirmed the security checks had been completed, advised the emergency procedures and asked everybody to turn off their mobile phones.
David Haxon, the Vice President, read out the synopsis of the minutes of the meeting held on 8th January 2018. The full minutes had been posted on the website and were proposed by Marg Roberts and seconded by Hugh Stewart.

Presidents Address:

Unfortunately John had to advise the very sad news of the passing of Trevor Kemp who, after a relatively short stay in Hospital, passed away as a result of lung cancer. John said he regretted not knowing Trevor that well but was aware that he was an enthusiastic member of Moraira-Teulada U3A and was indebted to Piotr Azia for a few words about Trevor:
Piotr first met Trevor in the Photography Group, then in Creative Writing and Discussion, later in the Drama Group as well as at every U3A General Monthly Meeting. Trevor was also involved in many other activities, too many to count, like Friends of Avinença, the Classical Music Group, Astronomy, etc. He was also active with the local Spanish Community, teaching English to unemployed people in Teulada to help them find work and he also organised astronomy shows.
Trevor took every opportunity to socialise, to share a drink or a meal and to enjoy conversation about anything. He took over the Photography Group when Regina had to give up, he then took over the Drama Group and then organised the Classic Movies. He always had a display at the U3A General Monthly Meetings, showing various groups he represented. Trevor enjoyed every moment of his life on the Costa Blanca, sharing with friends and family how happy he was to participate in so many great activities, in such a great place, via the Facebook.
The last time Piotr and Trevor worked together on a project for the Drama Group, Trevor was obviously very ill, having great trouble breathing. Despite this, he would not sit down and relax but insisted on running the show as promised.
All will miss Trevor´s cheerful presence, but we are also thankful that we met him and shared so many happy moments together.
John went on to say how he and his wife Sue, met Trevor´s family. Their wish was that we help the family to arrange a bench in memory of Trevor, sited somewhere near the El Sellinor fish pond, off L´Ampolla beach, as he was enthusiastic about maintaining the site for the birds and fish. The U3A will do their best to do so in memory of a true member of Moraira-Teulada U3A.


Treasurer: Carin said the balance held as at 8th January 2018 was € 11.530,04 and after income and expenses, the balance as at 5th February 2018 was € 13.237,29. The full report will be on the website.
Travel: Carol gave brief details of some of the day and over-night trips for the coming months. 14th March a day trip to Elche, to visit either the town, the palm gardens or the Shopping Centre. The cost per person is € 10. 11th April a trip to Ducal Palace in Gandia with lunch at Viva España, cost per person € 45. A new trip organised for 6th June to Valdigna visiting the renovated ruins of a Monastery with a lunch at El Palmar and a boat trip on the lakes. Cost per person € 40. An over-night trip to Madrid from 17th to 20th April, visiting Aranjuez and an optional day drip to the Valley of the Fallen and the Escorial. Cost per person € 375. Full details of all the trips available can be found on the website or the display boards at the General Monthly Meeting.
Group Coordinator: Prue said John had mentioned the sad news of Trevor and the number of Groups he had been involved in. He would be missed terribly. The last Egyptology lecture had to be cancelled due to the ill-health of David Rohl but hopefully he would be well enough for the next lecture. Prue said a number of Groups were struggling due to a decline in numbers and emphasised that any member of the U3A is welcome to join any Group. Graham Foot has taken over the Backgammon Group, from Barry Jacobs. The Drama Group now meets twice a month, due to dwindling numbers. Members are needed not just to ´tread the boards´ but to help with lighting, sound, props, scenery etc. The fine Art Printmaking has been renamed, Art Group and now included painting and drawing and is led by Phil Sims. Prue advised that the two film groups have merged and have two films showing in February, 12th “The Sense of an Ending” and 26th “Atonement” The History Group has a talk entitles “A Tale of Two Cities- Madrid and Barcelona” by Peter Atkinson. All details of all the Group activities can be found on the website.
Membership/Committee Liaison: Three items had been received and discussed at the Committee Meeting – 1) Why do the Group and Travel desk not stay open at the end of the General Meetings? Helpers arrive at 8:30 in order to help set up, not only their own desks, but the tables and chairs for the meeting. The doors open to Members at 9:30 and close at 10:30 which is considered enough time to renew and/or visit Group desks. 2) Can the U3A rent a room, for members use, as problems with the room at Dr Calatayud. This would prove to be too expensive, even if a suitable room and location could be found. The problems with keys in the present room will be sorted as well as the Internet and Router problems. 3) Could a Charity box be available at the end of film nights? It was considered to be up to the individual Groups to decide how they wished to support a Charity.
Cultural Arts Events: Beverly mentioned many of the events during the next few months, beginning with 9th February ´Sacred Music of the Renaissance´ sung by Cantores Sanctid Diebus at the Ermita Les Rotes is Denia. 25th February Concerts Costa Blanca and the Charity Todos Juntos presents the ballet ´Carmen´. As well as confirming the Live Transmissions from the Royal Opera House, London continue directly from Covent Garden to venues in Calpe, Alfaz del Pi and Denia.

Matters Arising:

There were no comments regarding the Reports given.

Any Other Business:

Rona Hurst the Leader of the Support Group, asked that any Group Leader hearing of a bereavement or, a celebratory event or of a Member requiring help, to please contact her so she can send appropriate messages or put the right person in touch with the Member needing assistance, whether to just talk or go shopping. Geoffrey Sheen asked if speakers could be put at the back of the room as he could not hear what was being said. John suggested that he might be better sitting in the front seats at future meetings.
Eileen Haxon introduced the Speaker, Buster Smith who would talk on the importance of First Aid. During the very informative and interesting talk, it was comforting to note that most of the Members knew the signs of stroke and heart attack and some knew how to perform CPR. There were a few questions from the Members which Buster answered. A round of applause from the Members in appreciation of Buster’s talk and Eileen presented him with a voucher as a thank you.
The raffle was drawn, won by Denis Saunders with ticket number 392. Denis received a voucher for Pepe La Sal.
There was no other business so the meeting closed at 11:45
The next meeting will be held on 5th March 2018 which will be the AGM.
Proposed as a true and accurate record of the meeting held on 5th February 2018.
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Secretary of the Meeting…………………………………………………….Titch Crossfield


Appendix. Treasurers Report (2 pages)

Treasurers Report GM 05.02.18