Minutes of General Meeting 2nd February 2015

University of the Third Age Moraira-Teulada

Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd February 2015

At Salon de Banquettes, Teulada

It is confirmed that the President and the Secretary attended this Monthly Meeting as voted in at the AGM on 1st December 2014.

Jill Cole welcomed all the members to the February monthly meeting and especially the 39 new members. Jill explained the emergency exits, those being the main staircase used to get into the Salon and the exit through the kitchen. The lift should not be used in the event of an emergency. It was requested that mobile phones were either turned off or put on silent. The raffle for the meeting is a €50 voucher for Iceland and will be drawn after the talk by Ceda who talked about his experiences as a London Blue Badge Guide.

David Haxon read out the Synopsis of the Minutes from the Monthly Meeting held on 5th January 2015. The full minutes had been posted on the Website. These minutes were proposed by Margaret Roberts and seconded by John Snell. The minutes were approved by the members with a show of hands.

There were no Matters Arising from the Minutes.

President’s Address On Friday 16th January we held the Group Leaders ‘thank you’ meal at Gemisant, which was a great evening out. We did make the Group Leaders do a bit of work by filling in a questionnaire. We thank them all for completing them as it has provided the Committee with some very useful information. An insight into their needs, some feedback and comments. One being GL should be more aware of the new members attending the monthly meeting. Pat has kindly designed a label for new members to wear, if they are happy to do so. We also asked the GL to attend the monthly meetings so members have someone to talk to re the relevant group.

At this month’s Committee meeting we discussed the timing of the AGM. Presently the AGM is in December but the accounts are not completed until the end of December, then before they can be approved by the members they need to be audited. Presently we need to call An Extraordinary Meeting for the accounts to be approved we will also be asking you to vote on the timing of the AGM.

Jill Cole is in the process of following up the status of the Constitution being registered with Alicante and the signatures. A question came up the other day about age within the U3A. We do not have an age limit, but within Spanish law there is a minimum age of 14. These details can be found in the Constitution in Chapter 11, Article 6.


Treasurers Report.

On 1st January 2015 we held the following amounts:



€ 4.000,00

Current Account

€ 9.503,58

Cash in hand

€       119,86



January 5th Renewals 225


New members 32


January 8th Renewals 285


New members 26


January 10th Fixed tax


January 21st Renewals 301


New members 51


+     9200,34

January 1st Bank Maintenance


January 10th Tax on interest 0,07
January Group expenses 2.149,84

-/-   2.154,34

Contingency €4.000,00
Current Account €16.609,35
Cash in Hand €60,09



There were no questions regarding the Treasurers Report.


Group Coordinator.

Shirley Baehr reminded the members that the best place to find information regarding all the groups is through the web site.

A new venue and teacher has been found for Pilates and classes will re-commence this week.

As mentioned last month, Audrey is no longer organising the Sunday Solo Group and Carol Laird has offered to run this group, members will be hearing from her shortly.

A Leader is still required to run the Scrabble Group. Shirley will help as much as possible to get this group started.

The smart phones and tablets group is meeting on Tuesday at 2 pm Café Relax and coffee and cake group meets on 23rd at Bellisimo above Algas Bar. The men’s dining group are known as Los Chivales.

A few more people are required in order to get the Walking Football Group started. It is hoped a meeting will be arranged very soon. While members may feel that their football days were behind them they should think again. The rules are as follows, walking only, running is penalised by an indirect free kick. No contact, tackles taking the ball only. Mixed teams, ladies can show the men how to play. The rules can be adapted to suit the playing area.

Shirley hopes that the members continue to enjoy and have fun with all their group activities and is happy to discuss any ideas for new groups.


Three New trips on offer:

Day trip to the Lladro Factory in Valencia on 6th May at a cost of €35 per person.

Trip to Peniscola 5 days 4 nights on 14th to 18th September at a cost of €320.

Christmas shopping trip to Barcelona, 4 days 3 nights on 30th November to 3rd December.

There are still places available on the day trip to Ikea and shopping Centre in Valencia on 10th March €10 per person. Day trip to Valencia Biopark 29th April €30.

Full details of all the trips are available from the Travel Group and can be found on the Travel webpage.


7th February 7pm Symphonic Rhapsody of Queen. (sold out)

13th February 8pm Concerts Costa Blanca, Don Pasquale, Valencia Opera, Tickets €82 including bus.

13th February 8.30pm Jazz at the Parador. Swingsational Jazz Reunion. Tickets €15.

14th February 7pm Melodies of Love Concert, Auditori Teulada. Celebration of Tchaikovsky. Tickets €12.

14th February 7.30pm Alcalali church, Sunday 15th at 09.45 Emita del Popul, Javea, Sunday 15th at 8 pm the Fishermen’s church, Javea Port. Cantores Sanctis Diebus. 10th Tour of the Costa Blanca.

15th February, Competition of the Choirs at the Salon de Actos in Teulada. 6.30 entry €10.

22nd February 6pm, Masked Ball, Auditori Teulada, €40.

26th February 8pm Casa de Cultura, Calpe and 6th March 8 pm Auditori Municipal, Ondara, Back to the Musicals. €12

March 13th Teulada, 14th Alicante, 15th Javea, Concerts Costa Blanca, Chinese pianist Haochen Zhang, €15.

26th March Salon Blau, Calpe 27th March La Senieta, Moraira. 8pm. Calpe Gilbert and Sullivan Society present the Gondoliers. €10.

Concerts Costa Blanca have arranged tickets for 3 concerts with Orquesta de Valencia. Send details of your interests. Minimum of 35 people per concert. 28th March 7.30 pm €50. 10th April 7.30 pm tickets €40. 22nd May 7.30 tickets €40.

17th April 8 pm The Bootleg Beegees at La Senieta Moraira. Tickets €20.

31st May 7.30pm. Il Divo Tribute Appreciation Act with Duo Intermezzo. La Senieta Moraira. €15.

Golden Oldies Music Group Band, now called U3A – has been selected by the Lions Club or Moraira to open their Summer concert by the Castle on Sunday 28th June.

Member/Committee Liaison.

Brian Nichols apologised for the three notes left in the suggestion box which remained unanswered. If members don’t get a reply within a reasonable amount of time they should follow it up.

Notice Board. Notices will be kept and displayed.

Sound System. Ideally we should have speakers around the room but the cabling would be a problem due to Health and Safety. If people have impaired hearing it would be better to sit near the front.

Website Forum. Was found to be too complex. We now have a Facebook closed group which can easily be accessed but you have to be a member of Facebook in the first place.

A Social sub-committee has now been formed with a first meeting on 10th February. Brian has been asked to sit on this committee along with Shirley Baehr, David and Eileen Haxon, John Freeman and Margaret and Don Roberts. Any comments or suggestions please email any of the committee.

News coverage. The publicity committee member, John Manley presented his report. If there are any items of group news that may be of interest to go into the local papers then John Manley is the contact.

Brian added a suggestion from a member. New members perhaps don’t know who people are because of using only the first name, perhaps the person’s full name could be used.

Matters Arising.

A question was asked about The Choirs and Nicky Luxford goes to Malawi. This is to enable the education of children and orphans in Malawi. An orphanage is being built and children have been given bikes to enable them to take younger children to school. This question was answered by Ann Colclough.

There were no more questions relating to any of the reports.

Any Other Business – None

Jill introduced the speaker Ceda Panajotovic who spoke about how he started teaching in his 30’s and then while listening to the radio heard that people were required to take visitors around London, through this he became a Blue Badge Guide.

The raffle was won by Anne Morgan with ticket No. 180.

There was no further business the meeting closed at 11.45.

The next monthly meeting will be on 2nd March 2015.

Proposed as a true and accurate record of the Meeting held on 2nd February 2015.