Minutes Monthly Meeting 7th April, 2014

 University of the Third Age Moraira-Teulada

Minutes of the Meeting held on

7th April 2014 at Salon de Banquettes, Teulada


It is confirmed that the President and the Secretary attended this Monthly Meeting as voted in at the AGM on 2nd December 2013.

The President, Jill Cole, welcomed everyone to this Meeting, especially the 23 new members.

Jill went on to remind the members of the Emergency Procedures. Jill also asked if everyone had a raffle ticket.

David Haxon read out the Synopsis of the Minutes from the AGM held on 3rd March 2014, the full Minutes had been posted on the Website. These Minutes were proposed by John Hopwood and seconded by Ann Colclough, and were then approved by the members with a show of hands.

The only matter arising from the Minutes was that a member asked if the raffle could be re-drawn if a winner was not forthcoming immediately. Jill said that this had happened at the last Meeting, but as the Meeting had been rather long, a lot of members had already left. After drawing two tickets, it had been decided to carry the prize forward to the next month.

Jill apologised that the last Meeting had been rather long, but felt that as the matter of Security was very important to us all, and the Guardia Civil and Sylvia Tatnell had given up valuable time to talk to us. Jill thanked all those who had stayed and said that it is pleasing to see that the local officials are trying to show the expats and tourists that they are not just there for Spanish people.

Jill read out the Auditor’s comments about his Audit for 2013. The report and comments had been emailed to all members during the last few weeks. There were no queries about the Report and Jill hoped that all the members had read it and asked for a Proposer and Seconder. The Audit report was proposed by Ann Colclough and seconded by Jan Doggett. The members approved of the Accounts with a show of hands.

In the Absence of Carol Mantle, who had been going to present the Travel Audit, Jill also read out this report. Jill had audited the Travel Accounts for 2013 which had also been emailed to all members, and asked for approval from the members. These Accounts were Proposed by Shirley Baehr and Seconded by Anne Cattle. Again approval was given by the members with a show of hands.

Jill said that a request had been received from Don Hargreaves that we remember his partner Pamela Gibson who is in a nursing home in Benimeli, which is close to Ondara. Pamela is suffering from Alzheimer’s and they would appreciate if any friends could visit or call them. Anyone wishing to do so can make contact through Rona Hurst or any Committee Member.


Treasurer:   The Treasurer, Titch Crossfield, said that since the Meeting on 3rd March there have been expenses of €627.31 made up as follows:

Room Hire 90.00

Payments to Groups 319.64

Copying & Stationery 51.34

Printing & Computer 56.00

Post Box Renewal 60.68

Gifts (including monthly draw) 19.65

Committee Expenses 30.00

Income for March was €1900.00, made up from 148 renewals and 42 new members, making the total membership 1322 members.

Therefore as at 30th March 2014 the following amounts were held.

Contingency Fund 4000.00

Current Account 14565.69

Cash in Hand 105.77

Total €18671.46

Titch reminded the members that the Budget Forecast for 2014 has been set at €13645.

There were no questions from the members about the treasurers report.

Group Coordinator:   The details of new Groups are on the Website and the only extra items that Shirley added to her Report are recorded as follows.

Shirley thanked the Group Leaders who had attended the Meeting and put up displays of their Groups activities.

Shirley mentioned that Geoffrey Shean the Classical Music Appreciation Group Leader has written an article for the website and the Newsletter about how the U3A has changed his life. Shirley said it was interesting and encouraged members who had something to say to do the same. She said that we have probably all had our lives changed by the U3A.

As always Shirley was looking for ideas for new Groups and reminded members that the Website contains a wealth of information and details of all the groups.

Travel Group News:   Carol Mantle was away so the latest information was read by Anne Cattle.

Anne said that during this week alone the Travel Group had received 5 cancellations for the Jerez trip, so she reminded members that it is worth putting your name on the Reserve lists, as places could become available.

Bookings were now being taken for the trip to Salamanca and Segovia.

Another new trip being offered was to the Granada Music Festival and places are being filled quickly.

As usual all details of all trips can be found on the website.

Anne said that the Drama Group was now rehearsing for its new production and that they would welcome any new would be actors, or help behind the scenes. The Group has a lot of fun and this production is about the lives of Noel Coward and Gertrude Lawrence.

Cultural Arts News:   Full details of all the events read by Hugh and Beverly Stewart are on the new Website, which will be updated as and when news of new events is received.

Member/Committee Liaison:   Brian Nicholls told members that he was only going to report items that have not been covered by the preceding reports.

Points from the March Committee Meeting were that the speaker for May has been asked to change her talk about the European Elections, as this was thought to be a bit “heavy”, to her life in politics with an emphasis on the lighter moments.

Brian said that although some of the subject matter may not be of particular interest, speakers do give up their free time so the least that members could do is extend the courtesy of staying an extra half an hour while a presentation is made.

Jill addressed the Committee about the need for working together to ensure that members on their own or new members are integrated at the Monthly Meetings and at the Group Meetings. The committee agreed to make an extra effort to welcome new members and people on their own. Brian reminded people that the Committee and the Group Leaders wear badges, so any of them can be approached for help.

An effort is to be made to get more Group Leaders, or a representative from the Group, to attend more of the Monthly Meetings.

There was a discussion about how it can be ensured that people attending the Groups were in fact paid up members, various strategies were discussed and will be implemented. Brain said that quite apart from the legal or insurance issues, it is unfair if people attend groups without joining or renewing.

Brian had had only one point to bring to the Committee. he had been asked to request that the Committee consider posting Newsletters to those who cannot always attend the Meetings and are non PC owners. Brian said that this generated considerable discussion and how it could be ensured that only those members who would really need it. The matter is being researched for further discussion and Brian will report back to the members at the May Meeting.

Further items on the Agenda were :

Website:  Development is still ongoing.

Raffle:  There should be only one ticket per person, and anyone who decides to leave early should destroy their ticket.

Coffee Queue:  Brian said that anyone who unable to stand for long in the queue should ask a “badge” for help, and their coffee will be obtained for them.

Dinner Dance 2014:    Although it is early days any views that members have will be gratefully received by the Committee.

Brian reminded members that he would welcome suggestions and comments in the Suggestion Box and encouraged members to use it.

Jill then announced that recently the Bowls Group had held their annual Pamela Kershaw Memorial Bowls Challenge, a competition between the Monday and Wednesday players. The trophy had been won for the second year running by Ray Durrant who beat David Bianco in a close run contest. Jill presented Ray with the winning cup and the members gave him a round of applause.

Any Other Business:

Member Ann Colclough congratulated the new Website Administrator, Piotr Azia, for designing the new site and commented that not only does it look very good, but that it was easy to navigate. The members applauded Piotr.

Jill then introduced the Guest Speaker, member Pauline McGough, who thoroughly entertained us with anecdotes, pictures and an amusing account of her recent holiday in the Southern States of America. After the talk Pauline was presented with a bouquet of flowers and the members gave her an enthusiastic round of applause.

The raffle was drawn by Pauline which was a voucher for a meal at Le Soleil in Moraira, and this was won by Meri Snell.

Jill Cole closed the Meeting at 11.50am.

The next Monthly Meeting will be held on 5th May 2014.