Minutes Monthly Meeting 6th Feb 2017





University of the
Third Age Moraira/Teulada

Minutes of the
Monthly Meeting held on 6th February 2017

at the Salon G.L.,
Teulada at 10.30

It is confirmed that the President and Secretary attended
this General Meeting as voted in at the Meeting on7th March 2016.

John Hopwood welcomed everybody to the meeting and said how
pleased he was to see so many members attending the meeting, the most for a
long time. John H reminded members to switch off their mobile phones and
confirmed the security checks had been completed.

David Haxon welcomed all the new members to the meeting and
read out the synopsis of the 9th January meeting. The full minutes
are on the website and were proposed by Jill Cole and seconded by John Snell.

President’s Address

John H advised the members that the next meeting on 6th
March is the AGM. Anyone wishing to be considered for a position on the
Committee should complete a nomination form and give it to an existing
Committee member. John confirmed that all the present members of the Committee
would stand again. Any U3A member wishing to help at meetings or social events
should contact Prue Jackson or Lynn Clark.


Treasurer   Carin Derksen read out the report,
showing a balance of € 13.857,43 as at 6th February 2017. The
renewal of the Public Liability Insurance, € 1.391,03, had been paid. The
increase from last year was due to the high number members.  The full report
will be on the website.

Group Coordinator  Prue Jackson mentioned the Solo
Uno Group and Sunday Solo Lunch Group. Both  of these groups were full so two
new groups are to be started although as yet, only a few people have put their
names down. The new Tennis Group has a few people interested and details of a
new Folk and Pop group will soon be available. The Computer Group and the Smart
phone/tablet Group have combined with Piotr and Peter Baylis as leaders.

Prue J thanked the Mosaic Group for the display of their
work, at the meeting. Anybody wishing to join this group or requiring details,
should go to the mosaic table at the end of the meeting. Prue also mentioned
the Support Group that was still short of volunteers, full details of this
Group and all Groups can be found on the website.

Travel Group   As Carol Mantle was unwell, Anne
Cattle gave her report. Anne welcomed the new members and hoped they would
become part of the Travel Group enjoying many of the trips available. Details
of all the trips shown on the boards by the Travel desk, where unfortunately
all full, but well worth anyone putting down their names on the reserve list,
in case of cancellations. However the Travel Group were working hard on day and
overnight trips, not only for this year but into 2018 and even 2019. Trips
planned for October and November will include trips to Sagunto, to Confrentes
and the Jucar River, to Concentainia and a trip to the Turron and Chocolate
Factory, including lunch. Full details of all trips can be found on the

Cultural Arts Events  Hugh Stewart gave details of
events in February and March, although full details can be found on the
website. Thursday 9th February Concerts Costa Blanca in connection
with the Valencia Opera presents Verdi´s La Traviata. There are several other events
each week during February. The proposed programme of CB´s Concerts can be found
on the website. Lastly Hugh mentioned a Hoedown due in the Ermita at Fustera,
starting 6:30 with tickets obtainable from Eileen Hodson.

With nothing to report on Members/Committee Liaison, John H
reminded members that if they had any issues they wished the Committee to be
aware of, to please, contact Prue who would ensure this would be handled

As there were no matters arising or further business, John H
passed the microphone to Eileen Haxon who introduced the speaker, Peter Davies
who had been a teacher, lawyer and a lawyer for a Publishers. After a very
interesting talk, a round of applause from the Members in appreciation and a
gift of wine from the U3A was presented to Peter Davies.

The raffle was drawn by Peter Davies, the winning ticket
number 473 was held by Steve Higham who won a voucher for Summer House, in

The meeting closed at 11:35

The next meeting will be held on 6th March and
will be the Annual General Meeting



Proposed as a true and accurate record of the meeting held
on 6th February 2017

Proposed by ……………………………………………..Seconded by …………………………………Date

Treasurers Report GM February 6 2017