Minutes Monthly Meeting 2nd October 2017

University of the Third Age Moraira-Teulada
Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on 2nd October 2017
At the Salon G.L., Teulada at 10:30
It is confirmed that the President and Secretary attended this General Meeting as voted in at the Meeting on 6th March 2017.

John Hopwood welcomed everybody to the meeting and as there was such a large number of people this month, hoped all could find a seat. John confirmed he had carried out the security checks and reminded everybody of the emergency procedures in the event of the evacuation of the building. John also requested all mobile phones to be switched off.
David Haxon, the Vice President, read the synopsis of the minutes of the meeting held on 4th September 2017. The full minutes had been posted on the website and were proposed by Marg Roberts and Seconded by Colin McNae
Presidents Address:
John took great delight in telling the Members present that with the 64 new members who joined today, the U3A Moraira-Teulada now had 2023 Members and is now one of or is possibly the largest U3A in Spain. With such a large Membership, John felt that maybe a Charities Group could be formed which was responsible for choosing Charities for our U3A to support. John pointed out that we are unable to use any part of Member´s annual subscriptions for donations to Charities, but there was nothing to prevent the formation of a Group to support specific Charities. Vice-President, David will discuss charitable events at a meeting he is arranging with some volunteers from the Membership who will be helping the Social Committee. John was hopeful that something positive will come from the Meeting. John advised that Maureen Burrows´ Knit and Natter Group, on 16th September 2017, gave 18 blankets and some baby garments to the Premature Baby Unit. They have also knitted Christmas decorations for sale to raise money for that Unit.
John asked if anyone had left a pair of glasses at the meeting in September or knows of anyone, to please contact a Committee Member.
Treasurer Carin advised the Members that, as at the 4th September 2017, the balance held was €16.799,70. After income of €3.414.00 and expenses of €3.802.97 during September, the balance as at 2nd October was €16.410.73. The full report will be posted on the website.
Travel Carol gave brief details of all the day trips planned for the rest of 2017 which included the popular shopping trip on 13th December, to Valencia, at a cost of €10 per person, two coaches going. There are overnight trips planned for the beginning of 2018, starting with a 4 day/3 night trip to Madrid, 5 day/4 nights to Cordoba, 3 day/2nights to Cofrentes and 7 nights to Galicia. The trip to New Zealand in 2019 is the most adventurous trip planned at an estimated cost of between €6.000 and €7.000 Deposits are being taken of €1,000 per person. John thanked Carol and the Travel Group for the trip to Croatia which he had heard was greatly enjoyed by those who participated.
Group Coordinator Prue said the two new Groups, Egyptology and Fine Art Print Making had successfully started. Members interested in joining a Group should contact the Group Leaders. Mike Lawson wished to start a Live Music Group and anyone interested and who could sing or play an instrument, between mediocre to good, would be welcome. The Ukulele Group now had 22 members and it is hoped they would be playing in December for the Members attending the Christmas meeting. Prue continued by saying there would be changes in the venue for some Groups as Sol Park was no longer available and Jaccaranda had closed. A member from the floor, Frank Lee said there were still rooms at Sol Park but it was a little disorganised at times. This was due to alterations and decorations being carried out. However the Quiz Group and Ukulele Group were still able to use the facilities.
Membership/Committee Liaison. A Member had requested, due to the high balance on the U3A Account, that the Committee give consideration to giving free coffee for all Members attending the monthly meetings. It was felt as some Members were unable to attend the Meeting they may complain and some that come do not stay long enough to attend the meeting. After discussions the Committee decided free coffee would not be given but the arrangements for the Christmas meeting and the AGM would remain the same.
Cultural Arts Events Beverly began with advising the broadcasting of events from Covent Gardens in several locations in the area. Beverly continued with Concerts Costa Blanca in association with the Valencia Opera Offers Puccini´s Madam Butterfly, on 14th October. Hugh advised that on 26th October, Caprice with Love is Her to Stay at the Salon Blau, Calpe and ended with the Jávea Players presentation of On Golden Pond on 7th to 11th November. Fuller details and addition information of Cultural Events can be found on the website.
Support Group As Rona was unable to attend the meeting due to ill-health, John read the report Rona had prepared. The report included the request for drivers and Spanish speaking helpers as well as the contact details of the Support Group. e-mail rona.u3a.carecoordinator2@gmail.com and telephone 634324693. The Support Group is for the U3A members at a time of need. Whether to help in the home or driving to the Doctors or Hospital at times when family or close friends are unavailable. Rona, or a helper, is always at the other end of the telephone and all calls are confidential. Rona thanked all Group members even though it had been a quiet year.
There were no matters arising from the reports
Any Other Business Mike Lawson asked if John Manley´s letter, printed in the Newsletter, had been answered. John confirmed he had sent a reply to the Newsletter, stating the information requested was also in the minutes of the last meeting and on the website.
Eileen introduced the Speakers from Akira, the Dog Charity, Peter Tilsley and Ann Perry. Peter introduced Millie an injured dog Akira helped back to health. Ann gave details of a typical day at the Akira Shelter. After an interesting and informative talk with a few questions from Members followed by a round of applause from them all in appreciation. David presented a voucher to Akira for “Mutts Nutts”, who added extra Euros to the amount of the voucher, as a thank you to Peter and Ann.
The raffle was drawn twice, before the winning ticket number 405 was claimed by Chris Witton. He received a €50 voucher for Casa Toni which he was happy to accept.
The meeting closed at 11:40
The next meeting will be held on 6th November 2017

Proposed as a true and accurate record of the meeting held on 2nd October 2017

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Secretary of the Meeting……………………..Titch Crossfield