Matters Arising 9th May 14:00 – free discussion

Time just flies – barely noticed that it’s time for our monthly appointment. As we don’t have a prepared subject, how about an informal, free-ranging discussion tomorrow afternoon?

There is no shortage of subjects: from the 2nd round of the French election yesterday, to what’s going on in the USA, without forgetting the upcoming General Elections in the UK – or whatever other subject grabs your imagination.

join the discussion next Tuesday 9th May at 14:00

we need to keep our grey cells functioning, might as well do it while having fun


The group meets in the Aula Asociaciones, kindly provided by the Teulada-Moraira ayuntamiento. It’s on the main street of Moraira, calle Calatayud no. 45, on the right looking towards the sea, first floor (there is a lift). Below you will find a map pinpointing its location:

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