Matters Arising 14:00 8th Nov: What is Big Pharma

Geoffrey Hurst has kindly agreed to lead our next discussion on Big Pharma.

It used to be a description of the major Pharmaceutical Industries …. Does it now conjure up a demonized picture of the same? Facts or conspiracy theories or both?

  • Why was a Drug Co. punished over Triazolam?
  • Why was parallel importing permitted by Drug Companies?
  • Proprietary or Generic? Who’s pushing which?
  • Total transparency in drug research? Really?
  • Ritalin is a goldmine. Was ADHD invented?
  • Don’t go without your anti-oxidants. Mind you, they could kill you.
  • Remember to take your probiotics. Wait a minute …. Why?
  • Drug manufacturers are extremely responsible in their marketing. So why the law suits?
  • Drug manufacturers insure that doctors prescribe responsibly. Ho!Ho!
  • Why would a “Big Pharma” conspire with a Mohawk tribe?
  • How does a “Big Pharma” wriggle out of generic competition?
  • Big Pharma shouts about its research costs. How about what it spends in marketing and lobbying???

Please join us for a discussion on this interesting topic, to be led by Geoff Hurst, a U3A member and retired pharmacist on;

8 November at 14:00 at Calle Dr Calatayud, 45, Moraira for what promises to be a lively discussion, after which we will adjourn to a local café.

While waiting for the discussion, here’s an appetiser:

The group meets in the Aula de Asociaciones, kindly provided by the Teulada-Moraira ayuntamiento. It’s on the main street of Moraira, calle Calatayud no. 45, on the right looking towards the sea, first floor (there is a small lift). Below you will find a map pinpointing its location: