Matters Arising 12th September 14:00 – free discussion

After a long summer break, we will be meeting again on Tuesday 12 September, 14:00 at the usual place in calle Calatayud 45, 1st floor in Moraira. I’ve been busy with family for the last couple of months and I haven’t had the time to prepare a subject for next Tuesday, so let’s just meet and have a free ranging discussion about current news events and subjects you may want to raise. Considering what’s been going on in the world, where do we even start?!

I would appreciate if you could let me know if you intend to come.

we need to keep our grey cells functioning, might as well do it while having fun

The group meets in the Aula Asociaciones, kindly provided by the Teulada-Moraira ayuntamiento. It’s on the main street of Moraira, calle Calatayud no. 45, on the right looking towards the sea, first floor (there is a lift).

To see a Google map pinpointing the location, visit our group page:

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