Healthy Walking Group May 2019 Report

Tuesday 30th April & Thursday 2nd May    Benitachell, Cumbre del Sol, Granadella

This was the first walk for Leaders Brian and Noelene after their trip to UK. They pointed out that not only was this the steepest walk we do but it was the first 9am start! Did route master Robert do it deliberately?

Only 17 managed to drag themselves out of bed and 4 turned back before the steep bit into the ravine. We always allow for slower, less fit walkers.16 did the walk on Thursday at a great pace. No one turned back.

Tuesday 7th  & Thursday 9th May  Teulada, Railway via the Cemetery

This walk takes us across the main road past the station, along a sunken road and up along lanes, past the natural gas depot and hunting dogs (in kennels!). There was a wonderful display of wild flowers and the countryside was very green following the heavy rain. 22 walkers walked on Tuesday and 32 and two dogs on Thursday.

Tuesday 14th  & Thursday 16th May  Follow the Railway to Benissa station via Berdica

As usual, the walk was checked and it was found that high chain-link fences had been put all the way along the new railway. The pedestrian route we used to cross the railway was unavailable. So the walk was extended to the first crossing place which was at newly refurbished Benissa Station. This is a pretty walk with very little traffic and lovely scenery. Despite being warned that the walk was a little longer, 35 arrived to do the walk and it only took 10 minutes longer. 27 did it on Thursday.

Tuesday 21st & Thursday 23rd May    Rafalets to Tarraula

It was raining when the walk Leaders woke up. To cancel or not to cancel? Was it raining at Rafalets? A phonecall confirmed this. It was decided to treat the walkers as ‘grown up’ and decide for themselves whether they walked or not. 29 turned up in light cagouls which were not necessary during the walk. This walk is through some woodland and a housing development ‘where the other half live’. One complaint was that walkers were not given enough time to admire the houses!

The sun shone on Thursday and there are usually less walkers on that day but 40 walkers and two dogs turned up and about 14 met for coffee at the bar in Benitachell. One lady pointed out that she had never seen the church tower from the town and how impressive it looked.

When 29 walkers turn up on a wet day followed by 40 the same week, the Leaders must be doing something right!

Tuesday 28th & Thursday 30th May   Golf Club Ladoga & Las Laderas

Due to many commitments over the weekend the leaders had to check the walk on Saturday morning when there was heavy rain and strong winds and the rocky paths were slippery. Unlike Tuesday when 37 walkers enjoyed glorious walking weather for this lovely walk among the trees and past the horses.

Although the parking area is very wide and most residents near where we park on Alborada accept that we are there twice a year for 90 minutes, one person is very much against anyone walking, taking their dog or parking in that road!  After an ‘encounter’ onTuesday it was decided to do the same walk but park elsewhere along the route. Brian sent out an email and all 17 made it to the new starting place.