Geoffrey Shean

1935 – 2018

On 21st September we sadly lost our long term member Geoffrey Shean.

This came as a big shock to his family and friends however he will always stay in our hearts as one of the kindest men we have met.

Geoffrey will be missed by many people in the Moraira area and especially within our U3A organisation.

As well as being a member of our U3A he was the leader of the Classical music group, an active member of the Dramarama group and a much appreciated member of my group, Creative writing. I will always remember how welcome he made me when I first joined the group and it was his encouragement, alongside the rest of the members of the group, who helped with the development of our now published book of short stories.

Geoffrey was also a member of the discussion group. He had an active and creative mind and thoroughly enjoyed sharing his experiences, opinions and memories.

Only this year his twin brother visited from Australia and attended our General meeting, he too is an active member of his local Australian U3A group.

A couple of members who have known him longer than I, have sent their tributes –

Rosemary Sheppard.

John and I will always remember Geoffrey fondly for his cheeky sense of humour and his warm, caring attitude to others which combined to make him a very lovable personality.  We always enjoyed hearing him read the reminiscences of his childhood and youth, with their resemblance to the style of Alan Bennett.  He had a great talent for conveying sentiment and feeling. We shall miss him and his company very much and hope that his spirit rests in peace while the memory of him lives on.

Cindy Hinton

I’d only known Geoffrey a few years, but being in two groups that portrayed his knowledge and sensitivity in the arts, made me realise how deep his knowledge of music and acting really was. Running the “Classical Music Appreciation” group would be a challenge to anyone, but he came up with an interesting and varied selection each month.As an actor, he was brilliant at ad-libbing, especially when he forgot his lines, which he was entitled to do at 80-odd years old!! But always, the show went on….

He will assuredly be missed.

Geoffrey was also a volunteer for the local Charity HELP and worked in their Moraira Charity shop regularly for the past five years.

A generous character such as Geoffrey is a hard act to follow.

By Dot Garrett.