First Aid Course 13 May

Feed back from First Aid Course  13 May Sol Park 10am
Thank you Prue and Karina for taking the time to write a review.
Seven U3A members attended this half day course held at Sol Park in Moraira.  It was run by Buster Smith of Emergency First Response.  Although it did not make us certificated First Aiders, as a longer course is required for that, it certainly gave us the knowledge and skills to cope with a number of emergency situations.  We learned what to do when someone was unconscious and not breathing by giving chest compressions and mouth to mouth resuscitation.  This was practiced on a dummy that responded by making a clicking noise when it was done correctly, and its chest expanded when the breath reached its lungs. We were also shown how to use a defibrillator.  We then worked on the techniques to use when someone is choking, again using an ingenious piece of equipment to show whether we had done it correctly.  Finally, we were shown what to do when someone has cut themselves badly.A lot was covered in the four hours and the time passed very quickly.  Buster was a very good instructor, and he ensured there was a good mix of theory and practice, which everyone enjoyed. This was a very worthwhile course and thanks to Jill Cole for organising it.
When I saw there was to be a short first aid course I leapt at the opportunity to put my name down as far too many of our friends seem to be prone to disasters !
Our instructor was Buster from Emergency First Response and not only was he easy on the eye he was very easy to follow – a fantastic teacher.
We were only 7 of us but it made it much more relaxed and he coped with us oldies very well, even when one pupil collapsed in giggles over the body that was meant to be resuscitated !
I am so impressed with what we learnt even though I hope we never have to use our knowledge it certainly makes one feel confident that one could be of help and maybe even save a life if needed.
I know the Cruz Roja run courses but theirs run for some weeks and this intensive  one day course  was worth every euro and served a very important purpose for all of us. 
Emergency First Response offer 3 distinct courses, either full day or half day courses, including the standard Primary & Secondary Care (CPR & First Aid) Certificate  Care for Children Certificate (CPR & First Aid specific to children and infants) and the half day CPR & AED Certificate.
All of these courses are now available as fully certified courses or as a non-certified courses, and the pricing reflects. Pricing options for each course can be found on the relevant page.