You can consult this calendar to get a general idea of U3A Moraira-Teulada events
you should always check the event web page or with the organiser
last-minute changes may not be reflected in this calendar
Click on the tab at the top of the calendar to consult in monthly, weekly or day view When you click on an event, you can see its details and have the option to copy it into your personal calendar
For group activities, check the Groups page for additional information, contact Group leaders on their respective pages or the Groups coordinator


[eo_fullcalendar headerLeft=’prev,next today’ titleformatweek=’j M (( Y)){ ‘—’j (( M)) Y}’ titleformatday=’l, j M, Y’ headerCenter=’title’ headerRight=’month, basicWeek, basicDay, category’ axisformat=’G’ columnformatweek=’D j M’ columnformatday=’l j M’]