The Arts Society Marina Alta – East Meets West

Sun 31 March, 2019 @ 15:17 – 16:17
The Marina Arts Society
The Arts Society Marina Alta
Art of the Far East & West (East meets West ) by Amanda Herries.
Oriental and Western cross cultural and artistic influences.

Having read Anthropology & Archaeology at Cambridge. 1978-1988 but an archaeologist by training, Amanda Herries worked at the Museum of London for ten years, specialising in social history and the decorative arts of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and lecturing and writing. In 1988 she went to live in Tokyo, Japan, with her family. While in Japan, she wrote extensively on Japanese culture and art collections and she continued lecturing for Japanese audiences, often appearing on television. In 1995 she returned with her family to Britain, bringing a Japanese tea-house to feature in a new garden in Scotland. She now lectures on a number of English and Anglo-Japanese subjects, including gardens, the ceramic ‘Japanese’ willow pattern plate and dolls houses.

The central theme of Amanda’s lecture is the creation of Japanese gardens in Europe, which peaked in the early 20th century. She begins by describing three types of Japanese garden—-dry, tea and strolling or viewing garden and how they came to the west following the Japanese-English Exhibition in 1910. This led to the publication of many catalogues advertising Japanese plants and ornaments. With the western love of multicoloured planting schemes, plethora of ornaments and vermilion coloured bridges together with a reluctance to prune or restrain plants, Amanda has questioned whether gardens in the west would ever be real Japanese gardens.

As has become standard fare, a glass of wine & soft drinks will be available to members & guests to allow socialising with the Committee and Speaker after the lecture.

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Japanese Gardens in Britain