Dining Out Group meet at the Kathmandu Restaurant, Moraira

After another wonderful warm spring day, as the evening started to chill a group of hungry diners arrived at the Kathmandu Restaurant in Moraira for the first of the March dining out dinners. The restaurant has been refurbished quite recently and has a very welcoming ambience. We were greeted by Colin and Sue Donadio, our hosts for the evening, and after dibbing into a ´lucky dip´ bag, we were shown to our table for the evening.

Our varied chicken and different vegetable starters were delicious. The chicken was very tender and tasty, and the onion bhaji dry and crisp; it was virtually a meal in itself. And then the main course began to arrive; pilau basmati rice, plain, garlic and sweet naans, plus vegetable side dishes to share, and individual main dishes with sauce as hot (or not) as we liked. “Would you like anymore? We can bring it to you,” said restauranteur Muku. The service was excellent and the food was very tasty, plentiful and varied. The mixed grill, a combination of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori prawn and shish kebab served on a sizzling hot platter received very high praise from those who had chosen it.

Thank you to Colin and Sue very much for arranging such a lovely evening.  All I can add is that it was a good thing we arrived hungry. We left full, very happy, and armed with a doggy bag!

Meri Snell.