Agenda – General Meeting – 3 June 2019

University of the Third Age Moraira-Teulada

Agenda for the Monthly Meeting to be held on

3 June 2019 at Salon G.L., Teulada.

  • Welcome and Reminder of Emergency Procedures
  • Synopsis of the Minutes from 6 May 2019
  • Approval & Adoption of the Minutes from 6 May 2019
  • Presidents Address

  •    Reports:

      Treasurer                                                                                  Graham Whitelocks                                                                                                                                                                                        

      Group Coordinator                                                                 Prue Jackson

      Travel Group                                                                            Anne Cattle                                                 

      Member/Committee Liaison                                                Dot Garrett

      Cultural Arts Events                                                                Beverly and Hugh Stewart

  • Matters Arising from the Reports
  • Any Other Business
  • The Speaker – Roger ‘Twiggy’ Day a former Radio Caroline DJ.


Agenda from the President David Haxon & prepared by the Secretary Titch Crossfield-Lobb