A Taste of Greece for Dining Out Group – October 2018

A taste of Greece was on the menu Tuesday evening when 70 members of the Dining Out group visited Satari’s restaurant in Moraira.
Abi, the chef/owner, gave the Moraira-Teulada U3A Dining Out group a mouth-watering description of the menu before we began. Our starters included all the well-known dishes such as tzatziki, hummus and dolmades.  The main courses were superb, all having the authentic Greek tastes that we know and love. Desserts included assorted baklava and honey cake.
What more could we want – dining out with old and new friends in welcoming, happy surroundings and eating delicious food?
Thanks are due to Brian and Pat Clarke for hosting such a successful evening .

Review by Carolyn Sims